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Our Digital Experience Assessment provides a clear understanding of how your employees work and more importantly what processes they undertake on a daily basis. The assessment includes a review of the technology they interact with and a digital experience score.

Building a solid employee experience is a companywide endeavour involving multiple departments. However, as digital innovation is fundamentally changing the workplace, IT teams have a critical role to play in building a powerful digital experience.

Most people feel and believe that by implementing modern technology it speeds up innovation, efficiency and productivity, however there are pitfalls. When implementing digital transformation, it’s vital to ensure the people in your organisation are at the heart of everything you do. A good understanding of your employee digital experience is an important step to influence and increase the success of your digital workspace.

Fully understanding how a user works gives the best chance for success to transform how they work, allowing them to become more efficient in what they want, leading to your organisation making a more productive workplace.


Our Digital Experience Assessment looks at the following areas:

  • User Experience
  • Applications Used
  • Communication
  • Document Usage and Storage
  • Training and Knowledge
  • Internet Usage
  • Collaboration and Processes
  • Time Management
  • Social Intranet Tool
  • Devices
  • Travel
  • Risk


Carried out by conducting Interactive User Workshops focusing on:

  • What works, what doesn’t work
  • What helps me do my job, what stops me doing it
  • What process I need
  • Diversity


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