Prevention is better than cure

As cyber threats evolve, organisations often don’t have resources with the expertise or time to evaluate their defences in a holistic manner in order to maintain an effective IT security environment. In addition, new technology is regularly deployed to meet changing business requirements without assessing the impact it might have on information security, including process changes that affect business communication flow or security gaps in an IT environment.

Our Cyber Security Healthcheck can help your business gain a holistic understanding of their information security posture through a combined assessment of its infrastructure, processes and people.


Business challenges

Cyber attacks are increasing and hurting organisations of all sizes and across all verticals which has created a need to rapidly assess the current information security posture. Internal investigations and reporting are often seen as being biased and are infrequently carried out, so it can be challenging for organisations to get a true grasp on their current capability gaps and RISKS with a prioritised approach to where additional protection is required in order to keep the organisation, people and data protected from cyber threats.


Our solution

Our Cyber Security Healthcheck will provide an organisation with a professional assessment detailing the maturity of their security posture. Depending on an organization’s scope of requirements, the Healthcheck can be a combination of technical, logical, process-related and physical inspection services, including interviewing of key personnel on both focussed and broad reaching aspects of information security covering 400+ security controls against Cyber Security Essentials Plus, CIS Standards, ISF Standard of Good Practice and ISO27001.


Key features and benefits:

  • Access to Self Assessment questionnaire
  • Independent Cyber Security Healthchecks performed by an experienced team of specialists
  • Tailored approach based on customer segment and scope of requirements
  • Quick assessments based on standards including: ISO 27001, CIS Controls and ISF SoGP
  • Minimal organisational and operational impact
  • Helps address prioritisation of security projects and budgetary spend on information security
  • Identification of security ‘blind spots’ (gaps) created through IT environment evolution
  • Executive Reports to show top information security risks for the organisation
  • Information security maturity assessment
  • Skills assessment to identify where IT security personnel may need additional training to deal with today’s cyber threats
  • Overview of organisation’s security policy posture, culture and attitude towards information security through targeted staff interviews
  • Senior experienced consultant to explain RISKS and key issues to leadership (Standard)


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