Rick Emmines

Innovation Consultant

Rick is an Innovation Consultant with a passion for software solutions. Rick's career has gained him significant experience in software training, creative producing and IT project management, across multiple industries, such as technology and education.

Rick is a subject-matter expert in technology and training, with an array of knowledge and certifications around mobile devices, software, cloud platforms, and networking tools, from brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

His work has helped thousands of professionals adopt mobile and cloud technologies and find new ways of working. He’s also helped brands to create and embed unique and enriching experiences for their customers. Rick has a passion for applying technological solutions to solve challenging problems for the businesses we work with and is continually focused on providing the best possible customer experience.

When he's not working, Rick enjoys listening to good music and playing the drums. He’s also an avid storm chaser, having witnessed five tornadoes so far!

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