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Let’s face it, reactive maintenance just doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-moving businesses. That’s why, for 30 years, we’ve been providing our comprehensive planned preventative maintenance service to all our clients. It’s our pioneering service that gives every premium device we supply the love and care it deserves.



We thoroughly service your devices every month

By using monthly scheduled engineer visits to your machines to keep them in their optimum state. It’s a completely different approach to the traditional Reactive Maintenance where repairs are made after your multifunctional photocopier has failed. We think prevention is better than cure. Don’t you?

Our unique 16-Point Check

Jamming Prevention

1. Clean and check document feeder

2. Clean and check paper trays and duplex unit

3. Inspect finishing accessories

4. Check and replace fusing assembly


Print Quality

5. Check and maintain drum units and associated parts

6. Inspect transfer belt and rollers  

7. Check the condition of developer and replace


Copy and Scan Quality

8. Check and clean optics parts, such as glass and image sensors

9. Perform print quality calibrations

10. Check toners and replace, if needed


Maintenance and Support

11. Check waste toner unit and replace, if needed

12. Take meter readings

13. Update firmware

14. Check remote diagnostics



15. Full internal clean of the machine

16. Full external clean, including all covers 

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The benefits of the Proactive Maintenance speak for themselves – 99.76% uptime over 2019.
- Chestertons

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