Systems Technology has a breadth of experience working with the property sector. We are trusted by national estate agency groups, and local agents alike, to provide dependable photocopier supply and maintenance upon which they can rely.

While property details and rental lists are still vital, today's estate agencies have been quick to embrace digital transformation via the web. Back office functions are being transformed now too. We are helping agents introduce Electronic Document Management Systems and Scanning Workflows, reducing the time to complete sales and improving cash flow.


Electronic Document Workflow for Estate Agents

While paper usage is effectively being reduced by outsourcing printing and the use of property portals and websites, estate agents are seeing an increase in back-office paper usage. For example, anti-money laundering and 'know your customer' regulations, requiring documentary evidence. This is exacerbated with multi-branch operations, where the management of paper-based workflows becomes more complicated.

Electronic Document Workflows mimic the stages of a manual paper-based workflow using software. Documents are quickly processed, tablets and mobiles can be used to authorise documents securely, and everything can be stored in a Document Management System for retrieval in seconds.



Managed Print Services for Estate Agencies

As estate agencies grow, the importance of being able to monitor and manage printing across an expanding group becomes vital to control printing expenditure.

Our Managed Print Service for Estate Agents uses Print Management Software controlled by your head office or central IT team. Printer use can be monitored and controlled at all locations, including:

  • Reporting on who is printing what, where and when typically leads to a 30% reduction in printing
  • Enforcing application printing rules. For example, forcing emails only to be printed in black and white, reduces printing costs

Our Managed Print Service is trusted by estate agencies across the UK to provide the right equipment, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost. It is a continually reviewed process which ensures your offices run smoothly.



Multifunctional Photocopiers for Estate Agents

We can empathise with our estate agency customers when they are inundated with telephone calls from traditional 'photocopier companies'. With dozens of manufacturers and thousands of dealers, how do you choose the best service provider and model for your business?

Systems Technology stands apart in the industry as one of the highest accredited partners with the two leading manufacturers, Canon and Ricoh. We have worked hard to make your decision process a simple one.



Photocopier & Printer Maintenance for Estate Agents

A typical estate agency office has just one multifunctional colour printer to provide property details and rental list printing. It is, therefore, crucial that this device is reliable, particularly on weekends, to avoid disappointing applicants, and at worst, losing vendors.

Systems Technology's Preventative Maintenance service is the perfect fit for single and multi-branch estate agents. Every device receives a scheduled monthly service call, without fail. The result is industry-leading machine uptimes, ensuring continuity of service to your clients and customers.



Photocopier Contracts for Estate Agencies

It is bittersweet that many estate agents discover Systems Technology through recommendation, but only after experiencing poor service and damaging photocopier contracts elsewhere. We have helped many of our estate agency customers out of expensive maintenance contracts that have poorly served their businesses and budgets.

Our maintenance contracts have no hidden charges, are flexible in ranging from one to five years, and include 100% genuine parts and toner.

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