Systems Technology's business solutions for financial services simplify, automate and streamline printing and document management processes to give organisations a competitive advantage. With pressures to provide better onboarding and offboarding experiences, regain consumer trust, and protect confidential information, Systems Technology is perfectly placed to help you achieve this.

Document Workflow in Financial Services

We are helping financial institutions across all sectors to digitally enhance their information sharing across all departments. From Manufacturing Operations to Customer Support & Services, electronic document workflows are enabling companies to become agile, reduce their costs and enhance security.


Common workflows we are improving include:

  • Accounts Payable (AP)

  • Customer Services

  • Human Resources

  • Finance

  • Contract Workflow

  • Digital Mailroom

Of course, all businesses are different, which is why our solutions are fully customisable, to perfectly fit your requirements.



Document Management for Financial Institutions

Customer information in financial services has become complex, with legacy systems unable to keep up with the changes or modern customer interactions. The insurance sector, for example, now receives audio, video and file formats, in addition to emails and paper documents. Siloed systems are all too common, increasing the time to response to customer requests and reducing competitiveness.

The storage, integration, security, and compliant sharing of this data is all possible with the latest electronic document management and content management systems from Systems Technology. The result is faster customer friendly service, improved customer retention, and a reduction in administrative workload.



Print Management Software for Financial Services

In our experience, paper wastage in the financial services sector is some of the highest we have found in any industry. Unnecessary printing leads not only to wasted print budgets, but also has implications for meeting compliance obligations.

Print Management Software for Financial Services enhances printing control and convenience, reduces waste and saves costs, enables print reporting and optimisation, and makes print cost recovery and accounting available. Other benefits include:


  • Track output from all connected printers and multifunctional photocopiers

  • Generate the information you need to accurately charge-back all print and copy costs

  • Provide “follow me” printing that only releases documents for output afters users authenticate at the device

  • Let users print from one location and then pick them up at another

  • Discourage waste and colour printing abuse by enforcing rules for output



Managed Print Services for Financial Services

Like many traditional sectors, financial services companies have been slow to adopt Managed Print Services, but this is changing. With printing accounting for up to 3% of business costs, and competitive pressure to reduce costs, businesses are now transitioning to the MPS model.

There is no one-size-fits-all Managed Print Services, your needs will almost certainly differ from another organisation, but what is certain is we can help you to:


  • Effectively Manage and Reduce your Colour Printing

  • Eliminate Needlessly Wasted Prints and Improve your Document Security

  • Track Who’s Printing What and Drive-Down your Print Volumes

  • Permanently Lower Your Paper Usage and Print More Sustainably

  • Dramatically Reduce your Print Costs and Print More Effective

  • Improve Availability with Preventative Maintenance and Remote Support

  • Deploy Mobile and Cloud Printing

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