Technology is transforming education and Systems Technology is perfectly positioned to support your school or college. Whether you want to control print costs, enhance working processes, or enable learning mobility, our friendly team are here to guide you.

Educational institutions are under constant pressure to improve the quality of education, ensuring a high level and range of services are offered to their students while controlling expenditure and increasing efficiencies for their staff.

With over 25 years’ heritage and expertise in education, Systems Technology understands this. Our unique portfolio offers a broad range of tailored imaging solutions, professional services, and expert consultancy to help educational institutions meet these challenges.


Automated Invoice Processing for Schools

Accounts payable in education is an often overlooked area for savings. Schools can receive and process hundreds of invoices each week, which uses and an enormous amount of time and resources.

Automated Invoice Processing for schools speeds up this process by using a combination of scanning and workflow software, converting paper documents to digital.



School Electronic Document Management

Schools are realising that there is more to Document Management than managing pupil records with systems such as Capita SIMS. Schools have an enormous amount of documents that need managing, particularly accounts and HR documents.

Electronic Document Management for Schools puts all paper and electronic documents at your fingertips. Think of it as Google for your documents. User access is fully under your control, as is sharing and printing.



PDF Editing and Creation in Education

Ad-hoc creation of documents is prevalent in the education sector, with administrators and teachers creating their own Word documents and templates and printing them. This isn't only inefficient but also costly and wasteful.

PDF Editing and Creation software enables users to create digital forms easily and even edit existing PDFs in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.



Mobile Printing and BYOD for Schools

With the prospect of every student having sole use of a tablet computer being just around the corner, are you ready to manage their printing needs?



Document Scanning & Capture in Schools

Students and teachers alike are benefiting from the push towards a paperless environment. Remote learning and digital pedagogy is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. Scan to cloud and to mobile are two examples.

Administration can also benefit from scanning directly into student records in applications such as Capita SIMS.



Controlling Paper Waste in Schools

There are many areas and ways for schools to reduce their paper usage and waste. Did you know you can enforce double-sided printing? How about emailing invoices instead of printing and mailing them? Are you charging for printing? If not, users could be printing large amounts of documents that aren't strictly for business or education.



Print Management & Cost Saving in Schools

When added together, schools without print management software waste millions of pounds each year - money that should be used for teaching.

Print Management Software for Schools reduces paper waste, enables schools to charge for printing and lets students and teachers pick up their prints from any device.



Photocopier Maintenance for Schools

Printer and multifunctional photocopier uptime and reliability is incredibly important in schools. When devices are down it can impact on teaching because classroom resources cannot be printed.

Our unique method of servicing ensures the maximum machine uptime, something that our schools adore. We visit every device, every month, without fail, to clean and service them.



Photocopier Contracts for Schools

Photocopier and printer contracts are signed with extreme caution by schools due to the all too common unprofessional sales people within the industry.

Our photocopier maintenance contracts for schools are straightforward and flexible. In fact, we would like to invite you to read them before we meet.

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