Charities and non-profits embrace efficient technologies because every penny counts. Systems Technology has a wide portfolio of solutions to help charities optimise their internal and external communications, reduce document processes and printing costs, and improve back office systems.

Systems Technology has an excellent reputation with the charity sector. Our unique Preventative Maintenance service provides outstanding service levels and good value for money.

Trusted by many large charitable organisations, not-for-profits, and smaller benevolent institutions, we supply Multifunctional Devices and Managed Print Services, enabling them to operate more efficiently.


Document Management for Charities

Justifying expenditure is particularly important for charities, where long-term savings are often hard to justify against short-term gains. This has historically been the case with Electronic Document Management Systems, where the initial investment was once very high. Today, EDMS are inexpensive and commonplace. Filing cabinets are becoming a thing of the past. Document Management Systems for charities can be cloud based or hosted onsite, and frequently provide a return on investment within the first year.



Document Scanning for Charities

The larger and more widely distributed charities get, the harder it is for them to manage their paperwork. Scanning and capture solutions speed up the document workflow, and can also liberate information that would otherwise be manually retrieved.

Document Scanning and Capture can bring paper-based information into your organisations in a digital format. Data, for example from paper surveys, can be automatically extracted, collated and presented.



Helping Charities go Green

Lots of sectors are keen on reducing their impact on the planet, none more than charities. We help our not-for-profit customers to reduce their power consumption, recycle their used consumables and reduce their paper usage.

It is not all about printing though, our Information Management solutions are helping charities to move away from paper by introducing Electronic Document Workflows and Mobile Access to Documents.



Managed Print Services for Charities

Because charities have a duty to spend their donations prudently, it makes sense that they should employ a Managed Print Service.

A Managed Print Service enables you to reduce print wastage, track who is printing what, where and when, and collect prints from any device, helping to boost efficiency.



An Accredited Supplier Charities Can Trust

Charities do not always have the funding to employ dedicated procurement staff, which is why it is important to choose a printer supplier with a good reputation.

Systems Technology is one of the highest accredited Canon and Ricoh partners in the UK. Our Account Managers will help guide you through our ranges, helping you make the right decision for you and your organisation.



Recommending The Right Printers for Charities

It is unfortunate, but we often speak with charities that have been talked into purchasing or leasing printers that aren't suitable for their needs. Either costing them dearly regarding running costs, or being equipped with a model beyond their requirements.

We use single function printers to close the gaps between multifunctional printers in our Managed Print Services. Selecting the ideal devices to match your unique needs.



Unique Photocopier Servicing for Charities

Charities often cannot afford the luxury of having a second failsafe printer or multifunctional photocopier, and are therefore reliant on their supplier keeping their service promises.

At Systems Technology, we have designed our entire company around our service method of Preventative Maintenance. Unlike the usual reactive service, where your machine has to break down before being serviced, every one of our customers' devices receives a monthly visit, without fail. Our tireless commitment to service means that our photocopier maintenance for charities is unrivalled.

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