FileHound is designed to ensure organisations have clear answers to important questions, such as:


‘what do we retain and how long for?

‘where is it kept?’

‘who has access to it?’

‘are we storing data unnecessarily’

‘do we have the capability to respond to a subject access request?’


FileHound provides organisations the tools to get a handle on the documents and data that you’re keeping, rationalise it and automate the time-consuming processes necessary for compliance, such as auditing and applying retention policies.


FileHound’s simple yet powerful permissions structure provides granular control over exactly what users or groups can and can’t do with documents. Role-based security profiles determine who can access, view, edit or share any document.


Storing important documents in FileHound also ensures a complete audit trail of every interaction a user has with a document. Keeping a detailed history of each and every time a user views a document, the document is moved into another folder, the indexing information is modified, or a document is downloaded, shared, printed, etc.

Our version control feature allows any changes or updates to important documents (such as contracts or agreements) to be logged. FileHound securely retains copies of all previous versions for safe keeping so that they can be restored if required.

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