Workflows can automate time consuming, manual tasks, and empower your teams to work smarter and faster


FileHound’s workflow functionality can be configured to streamline a range of tasks, from simply notifying users when a new document has been uploaded for their attention, or by moving documents to specific ‘smart folders’ based on index information. FileHound can also digitise complex multi-level approval processes, such as authorising holiday requests, expense claims, and the processing of invoices.


If you routinely process and file large volumes of incoming documents and data, FileHound can help make this mammoth task easier. We offer the ability to import large batches of documents with an accompanying data file in industry standard XML format. FileHound automatically indexes your documents with this data instantly, without manual input.


Having your key line of business applications communicate and share information is a great way to streamline and simplify your business processes.


We’ve worked hard to make FileHound play well with common business applications. FileHound comes armed with a comprehensive set of API’s and tools to make integrations easier.


Custom data source configuration allows FileHound to connect to third party databases to pull and push data and prevent needless repeat-entry of important information.

Retrieving your documents

Searching for documents using metadata:

Searching for documents using metadata:

Finding your documents takes seconds rather than minutes or hours

Having already indexed your document using metadata, finding your documents is quick and simple. Because your metadata relates to attributes about your document, you can search using a single attribute or refine your search with multiple attributes. For example, search by company name and refine by document type and date created.

Searching for documents by keyword:

Searching for documents by keyword:

Helping you find the needle in the haystack

When your documents were indexed and filed, they were also made readable by Optical Character Recognition. Because your documents are now readable, this means that you can find the document you’re looking for by searching for keywords within the document, just like using Google. Your results are listed with a preview of the text within the document, helping you rapidly scan through and find the document you need for your task in hand.

Browsing for documents by filing structure:

Browsing for documents by filing structure:

Sometimes, particularly for the most traditional user, there’s no substitute for browsing through folders. Just like manually flicking through paper files, this can be a good place to start if you cannot remember a keyword or index field, and is still far quicker than searching physical filing cabinets.

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