Save up to 50% of the time it takes
to process invoices

Automated invoice processing takes the slow practise of manually capturing and approving invoices and streamlines the workflow in FileHound. Scanned paper and emailed invoices have their data extracted, verified and authorised by the correct approver before being filed safely in FileHound with a full audit trail and automated retention policy. Archived invoices can be easily filtered and retrieved at a later date using FileHound’s powerful search features.

It’s even possible to integrate this workflow with your accountancy software to cross reference against purchase orders, validate cost codes and more (subject to scope).  Speak to our specialists to explore the possibilities.


How does Automated Invoice Processing Work?

Step 1: Capture Incoming Invoices

Invoices arriving as email attachments can be sent directly to FileHound. Paper invoices can be scanned into FileHound via multifunctional photocopier or scanner. Key data is extracted using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Step 2: Assignment & Approval

Using the extracted data, FileHound determines who the correct approver is and places the invoice in their FileHound Inbox, as well as notifying them with an email alert. Approvals can be easily and conveniently made via a secure web browser interface on the approver’s PC, laptop or tablet.

Step 3: Release, Retention & Retrieval

Once approved, a trigger is sent to release each invoice for payment. FileHound files each invoice in the right place automatically for retention and retrieval. A full audit trail bullet points every step of the process for each invoice, for visibility and compliance.

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