Systems Technology and FileHound

Systems Technology and FileHound

FileHound is packed full of incredible features that help our clients enjoy a fresh and uncomplicated experience with documents at work. It is an intelligent, browser-based electronic document management, workflow automation and data discovery platform, allowing businesses to digitally store and secure their most important business documents. With FileHound, documents are easy to find and retrieve!

We liked FileHound so much that we bought it, allowing us to develop the software in real-time, in-house, and in response to the evolution of client needs and the market. FileHound is loved and used by our customers to advance multiple areas of their businesses.

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Key features to make your office smarter

Digital Filing Cabinet

Overwhelmed with paper files, in-trays and filing cabinets? Do your teams waste time locating important documents, as well as managing and auditing them? FileHound will let you gain control over the flow of documents through your business with its smart, secure, digital filing cabinet.

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Workflow and Automation

Workflows can automate time consuming, manual tasks and empower your teams to work smarter and faster.

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Automated Invoice Processing

Our automated solutions can save your business time and money by speeding up the everyday task of invoice approval and processing. Save up to 50% of the time it takes to process invoices.

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Compliance and Auditing

With the majority of companies undergoing digital transformation, the scrutiny around data security, auditing and compliance are high on the agenda for every organisation, be they large or small.

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Setup and Onboarding

We understand that the key to getting new technology right is ensuring that everything is configured in a way which meets the needs of your business.

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