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Systems Technology confirms its position as the UK’s most innovative managed service provider today with the launch of a new flexible managed print service agreement (MPSA).

The MPS contract, designed in collaboration with BNP Paribas, matches the fluid print requirements of corporations, enabling them to choose one service provider to manage their entire print fleets.

The global banking and financial services provider worked closely with Steve Algeo, Finance Director at Systems Technology, to create a commercial product that simplifies the often messy assortment of multi-vendor print maintenance and leasing agreements in a corporate print fleet.

Steve Algeo commented:

“I am delighted to have collaborated with BNP Paribas to create a simple, flexible and easy to understand managed print service agreement. For the first time, customers can take advantage of Systems Technology’s leading service offering on both their new and existing printers and MFDs, with one quarterly invoice and one payment, potentially saving hundreds of hours of administration.”

Mark Broad, Sales Manager at BNP Paribas, commented:

“Systems Technology is a leading non-manufacturer managed print service provider in Europe. Medium sized, innovative, and with a reputation for service excellence, Systems Technology is ideally positioned with the new MPSA to offer enterprise-level managed print services.”

A flexible managed print service agreement

Jason Spencer, Sales Director at Systems Technology, speaking about the challenges in the industry explains why this new agreement is innovative:

“It is unfortunate, but many large corporations suffer from poor print equipment purchasing decisions. A lack of print infrastructure experience and decisions swayed incorrectly by superficially low prices results in bloated, disorganised and expensive print fleets.

“Through the Discovery Stage of our managed print service we help to expose any print strategy shortcoming and provide recommendations on how to consolidate print equipment, control user print activity and security, and ultimately reduce costs.

“Our new managed print services contract brings together a number of different elements for IT procurement managers, empowering them with a flexible agreement where both legacy and new equipment easily scales with a company’s growth.

“This makes the purchasing process less complicated where sometimes the equipment agreed in year one may not be adequate by year two. Now customers can add equipment at any stage on a co-terminus basis, ensuring a precise agreement end date, which is highly desirable. And, of course, all equipment will be maintained with our unique preventative maintenance.”

Managed Print Services Contract

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