We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of FileHound: a powerful, browser-based electronic document management solution.

Since 2011, FileHound has been used and loved by many of our clients and organisations across the UK, helping them to manage, store and maintain business documents in an efficient and secure way. We have been a core strategic partner of FileHound since its origin, helping customers to optimise the tool and fully benefit from its features. Since it became so popular among our client base, we were excited to seize the opportunity to strengthen the partnership through an acquisition.

FileHound’s electronic document management software fits perfectly into our managed print services portfolio and enhances areas such as business process management with intelligent workflow and automation features. With the combined expertise of their in-house specialists, we have been able to develop and tailor FileHound to the specific needs of our customers, offering bespoke assets which aren’t currently easy to find in the market. In-house specialists have further empowered our business to develop pioneering technology developments, including software solutions for clinical trails in the NHS and an online Housing Association portal for over 10,000 tenants in the UK.

The move helps to position our business as an end-to-end, secure document solutions provider, elevating our 30-years’ success in the market, in an increasingly digital world. “We’re very pleased to add FileHound to our portfolio. We believe it will further enhance our suite of solutions, which help our customers to efficiently manage their documents and support their digital transformation journeys”, says Zana Gradus, our Managing Director.

Simon Thomas, our Head of Innovation, also speaks of his excitement about the move, saying, “With FileHound’s capabilities and System Technology’s experience in the industry, supported by a committed software engineering team, we’ll be bringing many new innovative solutions to our combined customer base.”

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