It may not come as a surprise to you that the average organisational cost of a data breach is £5.5 million. But you may be surprised to learn that it’s not just your company’s PCs and mobile devices that are vulnerable to attacks. In fact, your printers could be a weak link in your technology infrastructure.

Printers: the new cybercrime gateway

Your printers process a large number of documents every day, many of which contain precious company data. The multifunctional devices, commonly featuring in offices these days, have similar vulnerabilities to cyber attacks than any other internet-enabling device.

With this in mind, do you think it’s time to discover how you can improve the security of your printers?


What can be done?

By using the right tools, you can ensure your organisation’s most valuable asset — corporate and customer data — is protected. Secure printing solutions have been proven to significantly improve data security.

The advantages of leveraging secure print don’t just stop at better security. You can benefit from having more efficient processes, streamlined workflows, and subsequently, a more productive workforce. You can also gain complete control over your entire organisation’s printing cut costs and reduce your environmental footprint.

Here, we outline some more ways Secure Print solutions can help you improve the security of your data.


options

Proximity card readers are installed on multifunctional printing devices so users are required to identify themselves in order to print securely. This technology allows you to grant or restrict access, depending on users’ job role, department, or other criteria chosen by you. It also automatically stops sensitive data from being leaked via scan-to-email or faxing plus significantly reduces administration time.



Regular, easy-to-understand reports are provided to help you understand who is printing, where and when. Comprising print fleet activity, printing trends, sensitive data activity, and cost tracking, these reports not only help you ensure you’re hitting your security goals but they also help you save money where possible.


‘Follow-Me’ printing

This technology allows users to collect their prints from any connected device while giving you the power to limit, stop, or track documents. Simply by installing the software onto your devices, you can notably reduce the risk of data breaches and improve the productivity of your workforce.


Remote monitoring

With all aspects of your organisation’s printing continuously overseen by a team of specialists, you can have complete insight and control, without having to have your own in-house technical team. By regularly running machine diagnoses, installing the latest security updates, and tracking data usage, the team can ensure your machines remain secure and that any potential security threats are identified and fixed straight away.

What’s more, your staff can finally be freed from the responsibility of managing your print security, admin, and other menial maintenance tasks, such as ordering supplies and machine cleaning.


How we can help

We offer complete secure printing solutions, encompassing all of the features mentioned above plus more. Our bespoke solutions are designed to suit your organisation and empower you and your staff to ensure you’re always safe and compliant.

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