Device Manager NX is a powerful new tool from Ricoh, which puts control of an entire device fleet in the hands of the customer. Device Manager NX empowers an IT Administrator to easily and efficiently manage their entire fleet of networked devices from one central computer. From one intuitive dashboard on their computer screen they can Auto Discover their networked devices, Ricoh as well as 3rd party, and perform batch configurations to specific device groups or even the entire fleet.

Regardless of whether the customer is a family run sole-trader, or a billion dollar multi-national corporation, there is a Device Manager NX solution to fit their requirements.

For organisations with less than 250 networked devices (Ricoh and/or 3rd party devices) there are two client/PC-based solutions to choose from:

  • Device Manager NX Lite: the Lite version of Device Manager NX provides customers with the ability to manage their fleet of devices and export device data to CSV.
  • Device Manager NX Accounting: the Accounting version extends the functionality of Lite with the addition of reporting functionality

For organisations with more than 250 networked devices (Ricoh, 3rd party devices and/or USB networked devices) there are two server based solutions to choose from:

  • Device Manager NX Pro: for organisations with up to 5000 networked devices
  • Device Manager NX Enterprise: for organisations needing to manage an “unlimited” number of networked devices (up to 1.27million), across numerous locations from anywhere in the world

Device Manager NX is designed to maximise the features provided by the latest GW NX enabled devices as well as align with the @Remote solution.

These 2-solutions work better together to provide the ultimate customer experience; using @Remote alongside Device Manager NX will enable customers to manage their fleet, but outsource and automate the more routine and time critical aspects of device management, such as meter readings and toner replacement, ensuring the accuracy of billing and minimisation of fleet downtime.

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