Ricoh Apple Airprint

There is some great news for Ricoh MFD customers and prospects about Apple AirPrint. By the end of February 2015, all the range of ’03 Multifunctional Printers will be officially certified as Apple AirPrint compatible devices, by Apple.

Why the delay?

The previous range of MFDs from Ricoh was Apple AirPrint enabled, but we’ve had to wait until now for Ricoh to pass through Apple’s vigorous AirPrint testing certification process. All models in the ’03 range officially support AirPrint, which will be particularly interesting if you have a large fleet of mixed speed devices.

Which Ricoh models support Apple AirPrint?

  • MP 301SP
  • MP 301SPF
  • MP 4002SP
  • MP 5002SP
  • MP 6002SP
  • MP 7502SP
  • MP 9002SP
  • MP C2003SP
  • MP C2503SP
  • MP C3002
  • MP C3003SP
  • MP C305SP
  • MP C305SPF
  • MP C3502
  • MP C3503SP
  • MP C4502
  • MP C4503ASP
  • MP C4503SP
  • MP C5502
  • MP C5503ASP
  • MP C5503SP
  • MP C6003SP
  • MP C6502SP
  • MP C8002SP

Limitations of Apple AirPrint

Apple AirPrint is without doubt the easiest way to print from Apple devices, but it does have its limitations.

  • Limited print options: quantity, duplex and page range
  • Only Apple devices can use it: Android and other users need to find an alternative way to print
  • Only works on local WiFi: Users have to be (A) in the office and (B) on the same wireless network. Many IT departments keep printers on separate subnets, which would cause AirPrint to fail.
  • No Access Control: AirPrint access is either all or nothing, on or off. Therefore it’s impossible to control the use of colour printing or pages quotas.
  • Limited reporting: AirPrint reporting is limited to the printer’s standard reporting, which isn’t user friendly and can often struggle to identify who or which device printed the documents.

If you’re thinking about introducing mobile printing, or printing to Ricoh MFDs using Apple AirPrint, you might find Mobile Enterprise Printing more beneficial.

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