With the prospect of every student having sole use of a tablet computer being just around the corner, are you ready to manage their printing needs?

When it comes to tablet and mobile printing in schools, there are quite a few challenges. Each of your students can have a different combination of requirements depending on what device they have, where they’re located at that time, what they need to print and to which printer.

With additional administrative considerations, such as charging, tracking and print reporting, it’s no wonder that schools are finding tablet printing difficult. Thankfully, Print Management software from PaperCut, Equitrac and Uniflow can solve these problems.


 Print Management Software Benefits

Students can print from any tablet
Tablets can connect natively on iPads using Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud printing on Android and Windows tablets.

Visitors’ tablets can print too
Guests with tablets can log in and print using temporary accounts with specified limited printing quotas, for example, 100 pages in black and white.

Multiple methods of authentication
Students can identify themselves at devices using their individual swipe card, username or password, or securely release their print via their tablet.

Print securely using ‘held printing’
Multiple release methods are available, from automatic release on authentication to active release job-by-job. Duplicate or accidentally printed jobs can be deleted, saving on print costs.

Print quotas
Allow students a free quota of printing, e.g. £5 per week, and control whether they can accumulate their quota or operate a “use it or lose it” policy.

Top-up or chargeable printing
Printing can be topped up or charged for via:

  • Open Payment: e.g. PayPal or Debit Card
  • Closed Payment: e.g. Squid
  • Internal Payment: e.g. Top-up cards
  • Cash: e.g. Library or machine

Reduce wasteful printing
Upper document sizes can be set to stop unusually large print jobs. Enforced duplex, switching colour to mono and maximum numbers of copies all further reduce waste.

Easy to understand reporting
Summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact are all available with just one click or by scheduled email.

Collect prints at any device
With “Find me” or “Follow me” printing, documents can be released and conveniently collected from any device, in any building, on any campus.

For more information about tablet printing in schools, or to arrange a free demonstration, call 0800 279 0300.

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