Dave Foster, print specialist of 32 years, talks about the latest update with PaperCut 19.0. You’ll like this blog if you’re someone who is thinking about how to better manage your print and Multi-Functional Device(s) (MFD), or you’re an existing PaperCut licensee and want to learn how the new features add to your business!

PaperCut 19.0 – an exciting advancement further simplifying scanning and the BYOD experience
What does PaperCut do?

PaperCut is a is a low cost, multi-platform software solution that enables schools, libraries, businesses and departments of any size to manage, account for and recover their print, copy, fax and scan output.

Dave says, “PaperCut is print management software that tracks and controls printing costs while providing security. There are two versions – PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF. PaperCut NG can be downloaded for free and allows you to track usage and add some customisations. PaperCut MF is the paid licence level and gives you all the features of the free download plus device lockdown and full customisation.”

It’s a powerful tool for business!

Features, advantages and benefits of PaperCut:

Track who is printing, copying, scanning and faxing with full visibility of device activity from anywhere with browser-based admin tools.
Reduce the risk of data leaks, helping prevent unapproved usage and reducing paper waste with secure print release, where users are required to authenticate (by pin or RFID) at the device before collecting prints or otherwise using the MFD.
Print to a single global queue – walk up, authenticate and collect at any device in your organisation.
Increase document security by tracking the origin of documents (or archived content) using digital signatures and watermarking.
Change user behaviour by implementing print rules that encourage duplex printing, discourage email printing and be friendly to the environment.
Control costs by allocating fixed quotas or budgets to your users, departments, client accounts or groups.
Print from whatever Bring You Own Device (BYOD) or mobile device at your disposal with simplified mobile and BYOD printing.
Why do organisations need managed print software?

“Data security, operational efficiencies, cost reduction, wastage and environmental reasons – and that’s just the beginning! It’s mind-blowing to see businesses that don’t yet control their usage or secure the use of their MFD(s). And there any many benefits rolled into one, for example when you think about reducing wastage by requiring the user to approach the MFD to authenticate to collect their print request – any sensitive information that was due to be printed is held safely in queue until authentication at the device. We visit sites that still have people’s personal bank records and sensitive court information sitting around the device.”
What’s new with PaperCut 19.0?

The latest user interface – a modern and intuitive interface on any device.
The ability to change print job settings at the device, by increasing the copies or changing the setting to duplex, for example.
Scan directly to popular cloud destinations via a simple tap-and-scan workflow.
What’s the most exciting feature of the latest release?

“It has to be integrated scanning – now available on both “on premise” and “in the cloud” setup solutions. I’ve worked with PaperCut for eight years now, and when the OCR feature was first released, it was taking 15-20 minutes for the documents to land where you wanted them to because they were first being sent to the USA. There are also handy features that get rid of pet peeves like marks and straighten crooked documents. PaperCut is making everything easier for the end user as well as the IT department.”

Do you have managed print software running in your office, yet?

We’ve been a PaperCut Authorised re-seller for more than 10 years, and we’re committed to delivering tangible efficiencies and savings through effective managed print services. And with 50,000+ PaperCut users supported by our technology team under our service agreements, we have the expertise and experience to support your business needs. Let’s discuss your requirements and the print management software best-suited to your organisation – give us a call today!

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