Canon have teamed up with McAfee, global device-to-cloud cyber security company, to protect your company’s multifunctional printers from ever-evolving malware threats and attacks.

Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE 3rd edition multifunctional printers now come standard with McAfee’s Embedded Control Software, which means that these devices automatically receive regular firmware upgrades, anti-virus and anti-malware protection, the latest features and functionality, encryption and more, without the need for hardware replacements.

The increased level of cyber security with McAfee means that your business is able to avoid breaches and secure confidential data, guard against malware that has been introduced via unapproved applications, prevent unauthorised changes to print device firmware and help meet more stringent compliance requirements. And, with these more comprehensive risk and compliance measures being taken, you are able transfer these benefits to your customers as well as your employees. Canon customers will also be able to enjoy:

A more secure and flexible user experience;
Help protect against existing and advanced threats through intelligent, real-time application whitelisting;
Help prevent data / memory loss by blocking unauthorised or potentially malicious applications;
Access a searchable change archive and run closed-loop reconciliations;
Help protect the integrity of the printer firmware; and
Make devices audit and compliance ready and by helping to address regional and global compliance mandates.
“As the number of connected devices in an organisation grows, so do the risks from malware and attacks,” said Brent Smith, Director of OEM Sales, McAfee. “McAfee Embedded Control ensures the integrity of systems by only allowing authorised access to devices and blocking unauthorised executables. In today’s modern-day threat landscape, we consider this alignment with Canon to be a win and one that can help provide companies with the necessary assurance that their confidential business data will remain protected, even as office document workflows evolve.”

Adam Poole, B2B Marketing & Sales Excellence Director at Canon UK, said, “The office of the future is evolving and so are our products. We understand that your device isn’t just a printer anymore, but a connected hub supporting numerous cloud applications to streamline your workflows and enhance productivity. Our partnership with McAfee gives you the most up-to-date security to help protect your connected devices against the threats that we can predict today as well as the unknown threats of tomorrow.”

For more information about how to secure your multifunctional printer and safeguard your business, contact us for more information!

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