Cydney Apprentice

This August we are going to be talking with four of our employees who joined Systems Technology as apprentices. This week it’s Cydney, who started as an Apprentice Junior Sales Administrator in 2015.

Name: Cydney
Department: Administration
Role: Junior Sales Administrator
Apprentice Year: 2015-2016
Status: Apprentice

“I joined Systems Technology as an Apprentice as I started studying my A-Levels at college but I didn’t enjoy my time there and decided that I would benefit more by taking on an apprenticeship. I wanted to work, but I also wanted to gain a qualification, so this was the best way for me to do both.

“I have enjoyed my time here so far as it is a very friendly environment to be in and everyone is supportive of what others need to do. I have learned a lot from being here not only academically but socially too as it has helped me to gain both experience and confidence for the working world.

“I am delighted to have been told that I will have a permanent role after my apprenticeship has finished; like all other apprentices at the company. Systems Technology is an excellent company for apprentices because you receive all the support that you need and with it being a friendly environment it is always lively and happy in the office.”

Update: We’re delighted to announce that since this post was written, Cydney has completed her apprenticeship and is now a full-time employee!

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