It is true to say, there are no short-cuts to providing an outstanding education service. In 2016, schools, academies and colleges are under pressure to provide more personalised learning, with increased compliance issues and limited budgets.

Education is becoming digital, with student expectations of learning changing at every stage of the curriculum. Students are now ‘digital natives,’ even pre-school children are natural users of smart technology.

However, as commercial experience is increasingly influencing decision-making in schools, it is the business and administrative processes that are emerging as key challenges too.

What are the key challenges in education in 2016?

As educational establishments strive to improve the quality of their teaching and meet the wide-ranging changes to both student and educational policies, it is document management and information management that are increasingly requiring focus.

Canon UK has identified three key challenges in education today:


Improving the quality of education

Meeting national quality assurance targets and promoting them is vital for educational institutions competing to recruit staff and students. This affects both the revenues of private and publicly funded institutions.

Optimising process to control expenditure

Large volumes of information about students, including their registration details, fees and courses must be auditable and securely stored. Everyday administrative processes are mainly paper-intensive and still manual, which can be both time consuming and costly.

Increasing learning mobility

To meet the expectations of students and teachers and remain competitive it is essential that educational establishments embrace and enable mobile working and study practises. Collaboration and personalised learning paths are necessary, with assets and resources increasingly being accessible from mobile devices through the cloud.

 The education value chain

The education value chain below is designed to assist Business Managers, Principals and Heads in visualising the activities that an educational establishment performs to deliver the critical services to their students and stakeholders.


Systems Technology for Education – enabling a richer learning experience

Systems Technology assists educational establishments in shaping new, smarter ways of managing information and producing documents. With over 25 years heritage and expertise in education our portfolio of products and services offers a broad range of tailored solutions, professional services and expert consultancy.

We have created a free guide to the Key Challenges in Education today, which will guide you through the issues that schools and colleges are facing in 2016.


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