From cartoons like The Jetsons, to block-buster movies like I-Robot, the idea of having robots to help with everyday tasks has always captivated our imaginations.

Step forward the new Fuji Xerox robotic printer that can not only print, but will physically bring the finished document to you. You could call it a Print Butler.

Typically for use in public places, like airport business lounges, users visit a URL printed on a smart card and drag-and-drop their file to print. (This appears to limit use to laptops and netbooks for the time being, with smart devices, like mobile phones and tablets, currently being excluded.)

When the robot printer receives the file, it drives to the person who made it, using sensors to avoid potential obstacles on the way.

Once at the person’s desk, the user authenticates themselves as the sender of the print job by scanning the smart card. The prints are released there-and-then to help avoid confidential documents being seen by others.

While a printing robot is certainly innovative, we do wonder whether it is practical – or even necessary.

IDC analyst Maggie Tan, speaking to the BBC, said:

“There are several mobile printing solutions available today that users can submit the print job online through their mobile devices or laptops, and they are given a secured password to collect their printouts.”

We have to agree with Maggie and also her colleague, Byan Ma, who was quoted as saying:

“One might even argue that it seems more like technology for technology’s sake.”

Mobile Printing is here now!

Fuji Xerox’s robot highlights the growing demand for convenient and secure mobile printing. But this technology is already here, integrated into today’s multifunctional printers. Multifunctional printers may not move to you, but then again, you always know where they are when you need them.

Enterprise Mobile Printing

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mobile-printing-boyd-300x204Secure Mobile Printing

Given the large variety of mobile printing methods, like printing via email and Google Cloud Printing, questions about how secure these methods are, are often asked.

Security is core to any Mobile Enterprise Printing solution with secure logins, recognition of printing from different personal devices, secure print queues and secure print release, all providing the control and peace of mind you need. Read more about Secure Mobile Printing

Guest Printing and Charging

Whether you’re a business, educational establishment or in the hospitality industry, you’re probably already being asked whether it’s possible to allow guests to print from their mobile devices, and possibly to charge them.

With Enterprise Mobile Printing from Systems Technology, you can provide a seamless print service to guests. Complimentary controllable printing can grant visitors limited free printing, or you can charge them by cost-per-page via card, cash or payment portal. Read more about Guest Printing and Charging

Mobile Printing, Tracking and Reporting

At the core of any Mobile Enterprise Printing solution is tracking and reporting. Detailed logs of all user printing help you to understand printing metrics by user, guest, printer, group, department, office or shared account.

A suite of pre-designed and easy to understand reports give you the information you need to manage and improve your print environment. Automatically generated graphs and charts help make even the most complicated print data digestible and useful. Read more about Mobile Printing, Tracking and Reporting

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