In the calm after the GDPR storm, what’s next for businesses? For the forward-thinking ones, it’s time to go beyond compliance and embrace digital transformation. In this post, Rick Emmines, our Innovation Consultant, explains why GDPR is doing more for forward-thinking businesses he is working with, rather than just driving them to compliance.

Since the GDPR came into force in May this year, a sweat-inducing sprint for businesses to comply has been followed by a period of “So, what now?”. The threats of fines for non-compliance helped to open the eyes of professionals of all levels and increase their awareness of what data they held personally and as a business, even if they were not sure why at times.

As data security featured more and more frequently in the headlines, the same went for boardroom discussions. Suddenly, C-level executives were having late-night meetings with their IT departments, and employees at all levels rallied together in an effort to save their company from failing the GDPR test.

While GDPR has now left the limelight for some, smart decision-makers are wondering what they can do next. After realising that data really is at the heart of their businesses and discovering how technology has the ability to secure and enhance this data for business purposes, they’re curious about new and emerging technologies such as machine learning and AI and what this can bring to their sector.

The businesses that aren’t playing the remediation game are thinking beyond data compliance and dipping their toes into the fresh springs of digital transformation. And now that many leaders have the support and buy-in of their employees, they know it’s a good time to make improvements in other areas of their business.

As technology specialists, we’ve been treating GDPR as an exciting opportunity for positive change, rather than simply a regulatory “must”. It’s the perfect lever for change that can empower your employees, engage your customers and add real value to your organisation.

After working hard to become GDPR-compliant, many of our clients are happy for us to tell them that all their effort wasn’t for nothing. Armed with more knowledge about the business intelligence data they possess, they’re interested in discovering the many ways they can take advantage of it, including how it can give them the ability to ‘work smarter’ or gain a competitive edge in the market place. Which is why we encourage our clients to leverage GDPR developments as a change management opportunity and add tangible value in areas such as enhancing staff digital competencies, business intelligence and workflow automation.

With new key metrics born out of GDPR activities, decision makers have the power to really know their business, improve their decision-making process, enhance their products and services and importantly, up-skill their employees. They’re able to equip their staff with valuable tools and insights, allowing them to measure and understand business data more effectively, use technology more skilfully, create time efficiencies, design better user experiences, and map out more meaningful and achievable strategies. This is the power of having a trusted technology advisor by your side who clearly understands your business goals, challenges and opportunities.


About Rick

Rick is an Innovation Consultant with a passion for technology and innovative software solutions. Rick’s career has gained him significant experience across multiple industries including technology, education and commerce, and includes business intelligence software training, creative producing and technology project management.

Rick is a subject-matter expert in technology and training, with an array of knowledge and certifications around mobile devices, software, cloud platforms and networking tools from brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Google.

His work has helped thousands of people adopt mobile and cloud technologies and find new ways of working, while helping brands create and embed unique and enriching experiences for their customers.  Rick has a passion for connecting technological solutions to challenging problems in the workplace and is always focused on providing the best possible customer experience.

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