Our Education Technology Specialist, Rick Emmines, shares with you some of the ways Electronic Document Management Solutions (EDMS) can bring some sanity to your school’s document processes, while giving back time, and in some cases, save money.

Effective document management should always be on the agenda for schools

Like many other organisations, schools are trying to adapt their business administration strategies to keep up with today’s shifting technological landscape. While school decision makers and administrators are tasked with navigating this new and complex landscape, it is important that they are not only protecting their vast range of digital data and paper-based documents, but are also using the opportunity to improve their business processes and reduce the burden of non-teaching tasks.

With that said, effective document management should always be on the agenda for school business managers, administrators, and decision makers. As experts in electronic document management solutions, we fully understand the challenges schools face, such as budget reductions, time constrains and changes in data protection legislation – therefore, we are providing services that are enabling schools to enhance their data security, streamline their paper-based processes, and improve their day-to-day operations.

How can we help?

At Systems Technology, we design, build and implement end-to-end document management solutions, from collaborating with you to develop your document management strategies, to delivering tailored end-user digital tools to support these strategies. Leveraging our unique EDMS product called FileHoundEDU, we are able to provide a complete solution which includes expert business process mapping and optimisation, solution design and implementation, training, and ongoing user support. Delivered by a team who have a wealth of experience and knowledge working with school back office services, we are passionate about improving the administrative tasks and processes needed to run a school, while ensuring all our solutions are embedded in an engaging, cost effective and sustainable way.

Electronic Document Management for Education

Here are some ways an effective document management strategy, supported by digital transformation tools such as FileHound EDU, can help your school or education organisation:

  1. Improve access to important documents and data

Effective EDM systems allow relevant stakeholders to easily find and securely access documents when and where required. Features such as content-aware search and document relationships can significantly cut staff administration time, making access to important information quicker and easier. Especially useful when addressing ‘subject access requests’ and supporting your wider GDPR strategy.

  1. Leverage the data in your MIS

Your MIS system sits at the heart of your school’s data management processes. FileHoundEDU offers seamless integration with your MIS, allowing you to leverage the information you already have. FileHoundEDU saves administrators the burden of manual data input, by auto-filling data fields when classifying important documents.

  1. Simplify compliance

Data security, record keeping, and document retention policies are all improved when an effective document management strategy is paired with the right software solution. FileHoundEDU’s flexible and customisable access permissions ensure that sensitive information is not accessed by the wrong people and is only retained in the system if needed.

  1. Improve productivity

By properly understanding and streamlining document workflows and processes, a school can see major boosts in staff efficiency. FileHoundEDU makes it possible to automate manual processes and simplify tasks, such as document approvals, data retrieval, and auditing.

  1. Reduce your environmental impact

Not surprisingly, transitioning from paper-based filing systems to an electronic document management system such as FileHoundEDU, eradicates unnecessary paper and print requirements, allowing you to store and distribute documents digitally – all helping to reduce your school’s carbon footprint! 🙂

To learn more about how our FileHoundEDU electronic document management solution can benefit your school, check out FileHoundEDU or speak with one of our education consultants today.

About Rick

Rick is an Innovation Consultant with a passion for technology and innovative transformation solutions. Rick’s career has gained him significant experience across public and state education sectors in the UK and abroad. His work in business process optimisation, software solutions training, and connecting technological solutions to challenging problems, has helped thousands of people successfully adopt new and established technologies. Helping organisations find new ways of working, while creating and embedding unique and enriching experiences for their key stakeholders.


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