In 1989, amongst other events, the World Wide Web was invented, the Berlin Wall brought down, and Systems Technology incorporated. How time flies…

30 Years Strong

We entered the print market and set ourselves apart with our pioneering preventative maintenance service, quickly becoming top tier partners with global leaders, Canon and Ricoh. Since then, we have remained agile and responsive to changing economic conditions by caring for customers and hiring and nurturing key talent. Zana Gradus, our Managing Director, says, “As a business we have adapted and changed with the times, however keeping the core true to myself and Spencer at the heart of the business has been important, and together with going that extra step with all of our clients, creates the Systems Technology magic that we’re known for.”

Our business continues to grow, adding greater value to customers by increasing the size of our operations and differentiating our portfolio of services. We recently acquired FileHound, an intelligent document management system for SMEs, and a software solution that we had been involved with for many years prior. “We’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers and acquiring FileHound, when it became available, was a no-brainer. And with a service-oriented, customer-centric mindset, there is much more to come.” said Zana.

You are important to our journey – thank you for being part of it!

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