In an age where customer service is king, organisations need to be providing the best possible service or products to their customers. Smart leaders know they can achieve this by improving their internal processes and creating more synergy among their employees.

Since Managed Print Solutions (MPS) offer many benefits — increasing employee productivity being just one of them — it’s not surprising that many businesses say their MPS budgets were set to increase last year.

What is a Managed Print solution?

MPS is designed to manage your entire fleet of printing devices, including scanners, faxes, and copiers. These solutions comprise a range of services, including remote monitoring, in order to improve organisational efficiency, productivity, and data security.

And that’s not all! Here, we outline a few more things MPS can do for you.

  1. Gain control of your printing

With your organisation’s devices remotely monitored, you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are running optimally, up to date with the latest technology, and safe and compliant, as well as stocked up with supplies, and saving money where possible.

Additionally, regular reports provide oversight of your entire print fleet, allowing you to understand who is printing, where, and when, to ensure your KPIs are being met and you’re reaching your goals.

  1. Save money

By automatically rerouting prints to the most efficient devices, you avoid any unnecessary waste and expenses. You’re also able to keep users or departments accountable by providing them with a monthly usage quota and the ability to top up via a secure payment gateway; a particularly useful feature for schools and universities.

Furthermore, any printing trends, hotspots, and dead-zones, which may be influencing costs, causing bottlenecks, or offering poor ROI, are identified and presented to you in simple reports.

  1. Boost productivity

In many organisations, valuable IT time and resource are wasted on printing issues. In fact, almost a quarter of calls to IT help desks concern printers. Perhaps it’s time take this weight off the shoulders of yours.

With MPS implemented, your users know they can print whenever they need to. Continual maintenance of your print fleet and any issues being dealt with straight away by an expert team will significantly increase the productivity of your workforce, without your day-to-day operations being disrupted. Reliable MPS providers also offer direct support, freeing your support staff of the time-consuming tasks associated with solving printing issues.

  1. Improve environmental sustainability

Using MPS software, you can apply rules, such as duplex printing and manager authorisations. You can also set up notifications which prompt users to print using specific devices and offer the alternative, more efficient ways to print — all helping you to reduce your environmental footprint and unnecessary costs.

  1. Keep you secure and compliant

With GDPR and other strict regulations firmly in place, it’s crucial for all businesses to be able to keep their documents and data safe. To keep data breaches at bay, workplaces must ensure their multifunctional printing devices are secure.

MPS features, such as ‘Follow-Me’ printing allow your users to authenticate and release prints from any connected device; ending the need to travel between locations with sensitive documents. This not only makes printing more convenient for your users they also keep your data safer. You’re also able to monitor and grant your users access, depending on their job role or other criteria, to ensure data never falls into the wrong hands.

  1. Be better for your customers

Leading MPS companies will provide ongoing support in the form of qualified technicians who maintain your printing devices and take care of any unexpected problems. This guarantees a consistently high level of printing quality, helping your company look professional and presentable at all times.

When done right, MPS can be seamlessly implemented, to limit any disruption to your day-to-day operations and prevent you from losing your competitive edge.


How we can help

We offer complete managed print solutions, encompassing all of the features mentioned above, plus more. They’re specifically designed to suit your needs, to not only help you keep your customers engaged but to protect their sensitive data.

Every solution includes our pioneering preventative maintenance service. This completely unique method ensures your machines are running optimally via monthly engineer servicing and an in-house technical monitoring team.

What’s more, we take care of the installation of hardware, and provide change management tools and staff training programmes, to improve ensure the success of your solution.

To find out more about our Secure Print and Preventative Maintenance services, download our free brochure or speak to us today.

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