Document Scanning & Capture

Document Scanning & Capture

We have solutions for all your business scanning needs

Paper flows in, around and out of your business every day. But much of the information contained on paper could be sent or stored far more efficiently. Systems technology have a huge range of hardware and software solutions to help you do just this.

Using scanning devices your documents can be delivered to multiple destinations or replace common processes, such as delivering internal mail. Scanning security is always paramount and can be controlled and tracked for every user and advanced scanning technologies like OCR and can automate manual data entry.

Scanning Devices for Document Capture

Scanning Devices for Document Capture:

Get productive with our range of scanning devices

There are lots of options when choosing a document scanner; more than you might think. There are the physical scanning requirements. Are you scanning flat sheets, bound documents or perhaps antique books. Is your document single of double sided? A3 or larger, A4 or smaller? And what volume of scanning will you be doing?

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Scanning Destinations

Scanning Destinations:

Send, store and process captured documents to strengthen your business

Introducing scanning to your organisation opens up a world of possibilities. You’ll soon begin to realise that many of your current activities can be sped up, or it may help you step towards a more comprehensive process. For example, people tend to start off with scanning to network folders, and step up to document management systems, within a short amount of time.

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Scanning Processes and Workflows

Scanning Processes and Workflows:

Situations where scanning can help save you time and money

In a world where everything seems to be rapidly going digital, it’s perhaps odd that paper documents still remain. But paper is here to stay because it’s so versatile, tactile and recyclable. It’s perhaps one of the greatest data communication tools of all time. But for data to be really useful, it needs to be digital.

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Scanning Security & Compliance

Scanning Security & Compliance:

Control and report with secure and authenticated scanning

Scanning solutions will help you to better productivity by improving distribution and automating existing processes. But with so many devices, destinations, and processes, what are the risks of your information getting into the wrong hands?

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Scanning Technology

Scanning Technology:

Advanced and easy to uses features to enhance scanning

The act of scanning your documents in can be greatly enhanced using a range of advanced yet easy to use features. For example:

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We switched from our previous printer supplier to Systems Technology several years ago now and have never looked back.

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Professionalism, do an excellent job and we continue to use them as in our opinion they are the best.

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