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Document Management & Storage

Streamline finding your documents

For most organisations, searching for documents is a time-sapping activity. Think about the number of times a day that you have to refer to paper invoices, statements, contracts, delivery notes and more. Although necessary, it is time-consuming. What’s more, your colleagues are doing the same thing too. How much time does that add up to?

A Document Management System allows you to capture digital and paper documents, file, retrieve and securely manage them, all whilst complying with document retention statute.

  • Helps you find documents in seconds
  • Access documents on any device, from anywhere: desktop PC, mobile, tablet
  • Free up valuable office space by removing filing cabinets
  • Protect your documents from prying eyes
  • Help you share documents effortlessly and securely
  • Track who viewed and accessed documents
  • Improve disaster recovery from fire or flood

Empty Document Management In Tray

1. Scanning and capture:

Getting digital and paper documents into your system is quick and easy

Capturing, it sounds like a scary term, but all it means is getting your paper or digital documents into your document management system.

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Traditional Filing Cabinets

2. Filing, Indexing & OCR:

Never lose a document ever again with indexing and OCR

You’ve scanned in your documents, and now you’re ready to file them. Unlike a filing cabinet, a document management system can not only file your documents in a ‘traditional filing structure’ but can also add additional information known as ‘metadata’ to help you retrieve them without knowing their filing location.

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Document Management Needle in Haystack

3. Retrieving, Managing & Sharing:

Find and share your documents from anywhere to boost your productivity

You’ve captured and indexed your documents and safely and securely filed them. Now it’s time to retrieve them. Retrieving documents from a document management system literally takes seconds. How does this compare to how you currently retrieve documents?

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Document Management Compliance Security Auditing

4. Compliance Security & Auditing:

Control who can see documents, track usage and comply with regulations

You’ve captured your documents, indexed them and are now successfully retrieving and sharing them amongst your colleagues and customers. But what about security? How can you make sure only the correct recipient sees your documents?

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