Automated Invoice Processing

Save up to 50% of the time it takes to process invoices*

Automated Invoice Processing software can help you save time and money by speeding up the everyday task of invoice processing.

Automated invoice processing takes the slow practise of manually typing invoices into your accounts system and speeds it up using software. Scanned paper and emailed invoices have their data extracted, coded, verified, authorised and inputted into your accountancy software, saving up to 50% in time. Fully searchable PDF copies can be instantly stored to your file server, or passed on to your workflow or document management system.


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What are the benefits of Automated Invoice Processing?

Faster processing speed and reduced cost of processing

Capture paper and PDF invoices automatically, as soon as they arrive. Remove data entry holdups using automatic data recognition, and automated invoice approval with workflows.

Improved data quality and better accuracy

All invoices can be quickly checked and validated as they arrive, helping to speed up the approval process. Cleaner data helps to ensure that the process runs smoothly and with less chance of errors.

Enhanced visibility and improved control

All invoices can be converted into standard format electronic files, such as PDFs, making data that can be conveniently searched for and accessed at any time.

Enhanced cash management and accounts payable insight

Improved accounts payable performance helps to gain early payment discounts and avoid late payment penalisation. Gain insights into your accounts payable processes to ensure that procedures and SLAs are being adhered to and met.

How does Automated Invoice Processing Work?

Step 1: Scanning incoming invoices

Any incoming paper invoices are scanned into a network folder from either a multifunctional photocopier or a dedicated high speed scanner. PDF invoices sent by email can be automatically captured too.

Step 2: Automatic Data Extraction

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) intelligently extracts the information that you would usually manually type into your accounts package, such as: Invoice number, Date, Vendor, Purchase Order Number, Line Items, Net, VAT and Gross Values. The process also creates a full searchable PDF versions of the invoices, making them easy to find when archived.

Step 3: Coding

To save time the system checks whether the supplier is already in your accounts package and if so retrieves any pre-selected fields, such as default nominal code, which can be manually adjusted if required

Step 4: Verification

You can choose a fully automatic verification system, which uses smart business rules to determine whether the information from your invoices is accurate. Or an assisted system, which asks the operator to confirm the extracted values by sight. Or a combination of both. Whether ‘eyes on’ or ‘eyes off’, processing speed and accuracy is significantly increased.

Step 5: Workflow and Authorisation

A workflow can be used if manual authorisation is required for payment. Intelligent routing can determine who the correct signatory is and email them an authorisation alert. Authorisation can be easily and conveniently made via a secure web browser interface on their PC, tablet or mobile.

Step 6: Export and Storage

Finally, the invoice data is passed through to your accounts system in a CSV to complete the processing of the invoice. Optionally, the fully searchable PDF version of the invoice can be passed through to your file server, ERP, workflow or document management system for archival and later retrieval.

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