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Innovation sits at the heart of everything we do: to provide our clients with a complete business solution for technology and digital transformation.

We specialise in delivering technical solutions and efficiencies that mean you can get back to the business you love. We aim to make technology work for you – not the other way around.

Transformational projects such as transitioning critical business services to the cloud, moving to an employee choice technology strategy, big data automation and custom software development are planned in a collaborative, flexible and sustainable way that is right for your organisation. From inception to implementation, you can rely on our experts to stand by you with strategic guidance, delivering your project with complete technical assurance and ongoing support.

Our Technology Services Offering

Technology Consultancy

Sometimes, you just need the advice, experience and outside perspective of a professional technology specialist. Someone who can shed light on obscure areas of your technology infrastructure and lay the facts out for you in black and white - without blinding you with technical jargon.

We form trusted partnerships through our technology consultancy, providing you with assurance and peace of mind. Our consultants come from a wide array of technological backgrounds, working for and in partnership with big names like Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft.

We help you form a strategic plan for implementing technology, enabling you to unleash the potential of the people in your business.

Software Development

When developed in partnership with business and ambition, software creates infrastructure that delivers on your business goals. We work with you to understand your business and how your people do their best work in order to develop and deliver your software solution. This is bespoke, custom-crafted software built for your organisation, without your business having to think about how it cramp itself to fit within the constraints of existing software or manage undesirable consequences.

We cultivate deep, probing insights about your business and how web, mobile, database and IoT technology could multiply and accelerate your organisation’s impact.

IT Project Management

There are times when technology just needs that human touch, and you need someone with the right technical knowledge to be physically present in your business. Our qualified technical professionals can be on-site for project delivery, on-demand or on another arrangement that suits you best.

We match your business needs to experienced personnel, from 1st & 2nd line technicians to Senior Systems Architects. We will be there.

Cloud Transition Services

Everyone is talking about the cloud – and for good reason. For business, transitioning to the cloud can reduce costs and improve accessibility, agility and performance almost overnight.

If you’re thinking of migrating your critical business services to cloud and would like professional guidance around this, give us a call! Choices around cloud migration affect your current business environment as well as your ability to grow flexibly into the future. Our experienced technical team can help you to plan, deliver and embed new cloud technologies in your organisation’s ecosystem.

Engage for Intranet

If you want to provide your team with a single platform for company communication and access to resources, Engage for Intranet is the scalable, mobile solution that you’ve been looking for. 80% of the platform is ready to go out of the box, allowing 20% for business customisation and preferences, including branding, layout and more. Engage for Intranet is built on Microsoft best practices, providing your business with a robust and reliable foundation for accessing and sharing internal information in an enjoyable, effortless way.

Still unsure whether you need a solution like this? Here are some common businesses cases for an Intranet solution:

  • You require a secure communication platform to share company information internally and/ or externally
  • You need a single platform to securely store and share documentation
  • You use a mobile device and would benefit from remote access to documentation
  • You want to reduce risk and manage budget expectations for stakeholders

If you have had any of the above considerations, Engage for Intranet is a quick and easy solution that over-delivers.

EDMS & Process Automation

Are you too busy to consider a faster way of doing business? If your answer is yes, you will likely benefit from process automation through an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution.

Moving away from paper filing systems by storing your important documents in the cloud, keeping them safe, backed up and instantly searchable with key words and tags. EDM creates a smarter, more efficient workplace by streamlining document search and management, allowing your personnel to find what they need in seconds.

An added benefit? You’ll meet GDPR requirements while reducing paperwork.

IT Resourcing

There are times when technology just needs that human touch, and you need someone with the right technical knowledge to be physically present in your business. Our qualified technical professionals can be on-site for project delivery, on-demand or on another arrangement that suits you best.

We match your business needs to experienced personnel, from 1st & 2nd line technicians to Senior Systems Architects. We will be there.

IT Managed Services (ITMS)

If you’re looking for a dedicated team to manage your IT needs end-to-end, our ITMS solutions could be the answer you’re looking for.

By letting our team of technical professionals fully manage your technology landscape, you and your organisation can concentrate on business as usual, assured that our experts are taking care of your technology infrastructure and services and providing you with the support you need.

Leave it to us.

Our Partnerships

We believe in putting people first. Our technology solutions are delivered with a personal, consultative approach, whether delivered directly by us, or in collaboration with one of our embedded partners. We provide solutions that help your people perform at their best.

Ricoh IT Services :

Paul Braham, IT Services Director, Ricoh UK & Ireland

“Ricoh is pleased to be strengthening its partnership with Systems Technology by adding new IT capabilities to its portfolio. My ambition with this partnership is to bring modernisation to the workplace by putting people first. And alongside Systems Technology, we will unlock the potential in our customers workforce with secure cloud and specialist managed services plus IT human resource solutions. I am absolutely sure all of these transformation services will put customers on the path to having an optimal office that promises to help people get more done with less effort.”


A document management system for the future

FileHound is a modern, powerful, browser based, electronic document management system that will help you process and manage your business documents in a simple and efficient way. With our simple lightweight browser client FileHound is completely platform independent allowing you to choose your hardware and operating system. What’s more, if you’re facing the prospect of an overhaul of your current systems in order to meet GDPR compliance, FileHound can make the task at hand simpler and cost-effective for you, assisting your business in a matter of a few quick, easy steps.

Class Technology:

Neal Grayston​, Managing Director, Class Technology Solutions Ltd

"Our partnership with Systems Technology provides a comprehensive approach to IT managed services. We share a close and strong relationship that has developed over many years of enabling schools and colleges to gain greater control, substantial cost-savings and operational efficiencies across each institution. We are an independent Microsoft Gold partner, and together with Systems Technology’s wide range of accreditations and partnerships across the industry, we are the trusted choice for educational institutions."

Why we do what we do?

Our Vision

We believe that your technology should work for you and every person in your organisation, and for business outcomes, this means creating efficiencies and empowering your people to perform at their peak.  We take a holistic approach when providing technological solutions, whether working in existing frameworks or digitally transforming an entire organisation – the solution must work for you. 

Our approach makes us a single point of contact for many organisations, partnering as their trusted advisors from boutique StartUps to Global Enterprise Businesses.

Our Strategy

We are highly consultative. We partner with you to identify the best possible solution for your business and deliver the best experience for all involved, from founder to customer. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to technology.

Technology and digital transformation can create unrest, even before anything has begun! This is why we take a collaborative, human-touch approach to delivering our technology solutions.

We believe in putting people first, ensuring that the solutions we provide fit your organisation and help your people to perform at their best. Through our superb partnerships with Ricoh IT Services UK and Class Technology, we are empowered to offer a wide range of IT services, regardless of the size or growth plans of your business.

Our People

At Systems Technology, we understand that our people are our most important resource. We are passionate about technology and business and work with people who share the same values. We’ve been providing our customers with award winning service for 30 years, and over that time we’ve taken our people on an extraordinary journey. That’s why our retention of staff is higher than many of our industry competitors. In a world that is in a state of constant disruption, we are excited for change but never stray from our values.

More recently, our success has helped us to attract some impressive talent which is allowing us to move into new industries and offer an even wider range of technology solutions. Our people are the key to our and our clients' success.

Our Promise

We put you first.  We take a highly consultative approach and design and implement solutions based on your needs and goals.  Our clients trust us to provide them with our IT solutions because of our expertise, care and partnership approach.

Operating in the tech industry, we practise innovation and consistently push the boundaries in our industry – and our clients benefit.

Strategic & Operational Technology Health Check / Reviews


Systems Technology offers an innovative and engaging Strategic & Operational Technology Health Check Review framework to help you quickly and efficiently assess your technology infrastructure and services, strategic business needs and aspirations, as well as evaluate areas such as the end user’s digital competencies, in order to work effectively and embrace any new technological changes. 
Every review is tailored to meet your organisation’s individual business needs.  Our holistic approach means that we consider the size and complexity of your existing technological landscape, and design a solution that creates efficiencies, empowers your people to do their best work and support your greater business objectives. 
Our clients crave insight for the following questions and concerns about internal technology capabilities: 

  • How are technology issues impacting the company’s operations and day-to-day working? 
  • Does technology adequately support my business’ evolving needs? 
  • Do we make competitive use of technology? 
  • Where is my financial investment in technology being spent and what are the benefits reaped? 
  • Are my current technology initiatives properly planned and managed, let alone on time and within budget? 
  • How do I plan and budget for technology to support the business?  I don’t know, what I don’t know! 

​Please get in contact to talk to one of our consultants for a free consultation.

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