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Trial Bundle Preparation (Legal)

Creating trial bundles has never been easier

For many legal professionals, trial bundle creation is one of the most important yet inefficient everyday practices. Well prepared trial bundles can make a very favourable impression on the court and possibly give an advantage in negotiations.

However, the background process of manually producing them is enormously time-consuming, expensive and often results in many a late night.​ You can stop wastage and save hours of sorting and copying documents by digitally creating, numbering, indexing and printing your bundles with Systems Technology.

How you’re currently producing trial bundles

If you’re currently manually creating trial bundles, you’ll be all too familiar with the process of:

  1. photocopying the documents to be included;
  2. arranging them in order;
  3. numbering the pages using a black ball point pen or a Bates automatic numbering machine;
  4. typing up and printing the index;
  5. photocopying the result as many time as necessary to produce the required number for all parties;
  6. hole punching each set of bundles;
  7. placing into lever arch files

The problem with creating bundles this way:

  • Incredibly time consuming – manual compilation, hole punching and file building is time consuming and costly
  • Prone to human error – pages numbering mistakes can easily be made, leadings to costly renumbering, or at worst delays in court
  • Expensive – errors and changes mean that large amounts of paper related charges are wasted

The big problem with adding revisions

New evidence can arrive at any time, right up to the court date. Due to the complexity of recreating a newly indexed trial bundle, new evidence is usually added to revision sections and identified by ABC or roman numeral conventions.

Although functional, revisions are certainly not desirable when the aim is to have a well prepared bundle. Therefore, bundle creation is often left as late as possible, causing increased pressure on secretaries, often leading to wasteful mistakes and at worst the bundles not being fully ready for court. But what if there were a better way?


Automated Invoice Processing Scanning Invoice Processing

1. Capture:

When new evidence arrives, it is best practice to scan and store it, giving it the same file name as its chapter name – this will save time with indexing later on.

Scanned evidence can be saved into network case folders or document management system, including supplemental information such as client or case numbers, helping to make retrieval quicker and easier.

When it comes to assembling the master trial bundle, chapter names and index pages can be automatically created from their file names, saving retyping time.

Trial Evidence Assembly

2. Assembly:

Creating your trial bundle master is easy with familiar drag and drop document building. You can quickly combine documents, images and files from multiple sources, all with the click and swish of a mouse. Reordering documents and pages is just as easy, helping you to create sections such as statements of case, orders and witness statements.

Last Minute Revision Changes Trial Bundles

3. Include Any File Type:

Trial bundles typically include a multitude of documents of differing sizes from many different locations. Whether they’re Word documents, PDFs, charts, emails or photos, it’s easy to select and combine any files together into chapters and sections.

Trial Bundle Automatic Index Creation

4. Indexing:

Take the hard work out of trial bundle indexing with automatic index page creation. Once the bundle documents have been ordered and arranged into sections the index page can be automatically generated from the document and section names, removing duplication of tasks. And because the indexing is linked to the document and section names, should they change, the index is automatically updated.

Trial Bundle Automatic Pagination

5. Pagination:

With automatic pagination, indexed numbers are superimposed onto each page of the trial bundle, saving an enormous amount of time and money compared with manually writing or stamping numbers. But what if more chapters are added? Simple! Page numbers are automatically refreshed in-line with the updated index. You can add and remove documents without having to worry about lengthy renumbering or creating revisions.

Bundle Creation Saving Time with Revisions

6. Last Minute Changes:

When additional evidence is added it usually requires a revision section to be created in each file because recreating the entire bundle simply wouldn’t be practical. With electronic bundle software, you can add and delete documents or sections at any time, up to the very last minute. Once you’re happy with the changes you have made, you simply renumber and index the bundle at the click of a button. Now, revisions are a thing of the past.

Trial Bundle Secure PDF Creation

7. Your complete trial bundle, in a PDF:

Once compiled, your master trial bundle can be saved as a secure PDF for archival or distribution. Soft copy PDF trial bundles benefit from being searchable and incredibly easy to navigate. Chapter titles in the index pages are linked, immediately taking those reading to the relevant pages without the need to leaf through manual pages.

Trail Bundle Hole Punching and FInishing

8. The Final Stage – Printing and Hole Punching:

Normally the final stage of producing trial bundles is an unnecessarily long and drawn out process. Picture the scene: your secretaries typically have dozens of files open and ready to receive each section, which have to be photocopied, hole punched, tabbed and added. This can take hours, if not days. Wouldn’t it be better if you could automate this print process?

With an electronic PDF trial bundle, your trial bundle can be printed from start to finish in one run, including tab inserts and hole-punching. This uninterrupted process makes the most of the full printing speed of a multifunctional printer, dramatically shortening the production time. Once complete, the sections are easily dropped into their related lever arch files, all while the next bundle is being printed and finished automatically.

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