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Secure print distribution that users love

Most of your users are familiar with authenticated themselves, for example: to access your building, log into their PC or to collect their voice-mail. Authentication provides control to guarantee security and this can be applied to your network printing too. Print Management software offers many methods of authentication that enable you to allow, limit, stop and track printed documents.

But why do users love this? Because with “follow me” printing, they can collect their prints at whichever device they authenticate at.  Anyone can print, anywhere. Collecting their prints from the most convenient device from their own secure print queue.

Follow me printing

Enable users to securely release their prints at any device

‘Follow Me’ printing print queues allows your users to authenticate at any device to conveniently and securely release their prints away from prying eyes

Trying to print a sensitive or confidential document in a normal office environment can be difficult, especially when the printer is shared. Confidential documents can be accidentally collected by others or worse left unretrieved.

Wouldn’t it be better if a user’s print jobs were stored in their very own personal secure print queue until they are ready to release them at the network printer of their choice?

Follow me printing with secure print queue solves the problem of sensitive information being left on printers and gives users the confidence to print series of documents, safe in the knowledge that they can be collected privately whilst they are stood at the device.

Secure Print Release

Secure network authentication

Quick, familiar and secure methods of access

Your users are already familiar with logging in securely on your network and accessing your building, and it’s no different when it comes to printing securely. Virtually all methods of identification are available for accessing a user’s secure print queue, at any device. All access is monitored, tracked and controlled by you.

All methods of authentication can link with your existing user directory, such as Active Directory, and can even ‘Self Learn’ which card belongs to which user, dramatically reducing admin time.

OCR print restriction blocking

Automatically stop sensitive documents from being leaked

Advanced OCR security hunts for keywords that you determine are sensitive and stops them

If security is paramount for your business then advanced OCR can detect and audit the printing of sensitive information via your own dictionary of sensitive keywords.

Documents are blocked when a user tries to print, copy, fax or scan a document containing prohibited keywords such as passwords and account numbers. You receive a PDF copy of the document in question and may notify the user by e-mail that the process has been stopped.

Controlling printing faxing scanning and copying

Control and audit who can print, copy, fax and scan

Restrict user access to multifunctional printer functions from one central console

Photocopiers today are a capable of easily disseminating information from within your company without you knowing, for example by scan-to-email or faxing. But this can be controlled.

Your users can be granted different access rights to use various functions of the device depending on their job role or department, or on an individual basis.

Access to any function can be rescinded at any time and for maximum security a record of every copy, print, fax or scan performed can be stored and examined for keywords.

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