Print Cost Saving and Waste Reduction

Print Cost Saving and Waste Reduction

Rules and routing to control your printing

Every day your users print a significant number of documents, but not always in the most suitable or cost effective way. Documents that could have been printed in black & white are printed in colour. Single sheets are used when duplex printing would have been more cost efficient. Large print jobs are sent to expensive desktop printers instead of print rooms.

This all happens under your nose, and no amount of user education seems to help. With rules and routing, each print job can be sent to the most cost effective and productive device that you’ve invested in, based up: colour, number of pages, simplex and duplex or even the application being used.

Print Cost Saving Alert Pop Up

Prompt users to print to more cost effective devices

Pop-ups encourage responsible printing by offering alternative ways to print

Call it force of habit but users tend to print to the same local printer. Maybe not surprisingly, cost effectiveness isn’t high on their list of priorities, even when the next closest printer could be quicker and cheaper to use.

With ‘least-cost routing’ a pop-up offers users alternative printers and settings, such as duplex, their associated cost saving and even how many trees they have saved. The total amount saved by re-directing jobs to the most efficient printer is easily viewed in a report.

Printer Least Cost Routing

Force prints to the most cost effective printers

For some printing environments, tough love is the only solution

You may find that there are certain situations that require strict print rules to help avoid large costs being run up. A prime example is where large jobs are being printed to unsuitable and expensive desktop printers.

With rules and routing, you can decide to redirect large print jobs, for example over 100 pages, to more suitable dedicated high-volume printers. The user is either notified as to which printer their job has been redirected or can require a manager’s authorisation to print.

Application based rules and routing

Application based rules and routing Stop Unnecessary Colour Printing and Save Paper

Application based rules and routing helps you dictate more sensible and cost effective printing

Every day, many documents are unnecessarily printed in colour, the usual suspects being emails and web pages. And even though duplex printing is a common feature on most printers, not all users choose to use it and, therefore, use more paper than they should.

With application based rules and routing, printing from individual programs can be controlled for more cost efficiency, such as enforced black and white and duplex printing. Used sensibly, these are the quickest and easiest ways for you to reduce print costs across your entire organization.

Waste Printing Reduction

Security isn’t the only benefit of secure print queues

Say goodbye to uncollected prints, duplicated prints and prints sent by mistake

We’re all guilty of it, perhaps even you. However well intentioned, sometimes we simply forget to collect prints, impatiently send a print job a second time when the first hasn’t arrived quickly enough, or accidentally print one document instead of another. All these scenarios lead to expensive print waste, something that can easily be identified by looking at paper recycling bin.

Secure prints queues require users to release their prints at the device, where they pick their jobs from a list. Any unneeded or duplicate prints can be manually deleted, or automatically deleted after a period of time e.g. 24 hours.

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