Print Cost Recovery and Accounting

Print Cost Recovery & Accounting

Eliminate “free” network printing and pass on costs

Whether you provide printing as a facility to your employees, or as a service to your clients, printing has a cost and certainly isn’t “free”. Print Management software can limit and control print volumes and colour usage, where the aim isn’t to limit productivity but to promote more sustainable, efficient and accountable printing.

Print Management software creates an accountable print environment, where users are informed of their printer usage. Being informed influences behaviour, and can help in reducing print volumes. Should you need to charge for printing, you can do that too, billing by user, department, account or client billing code.

Charging users and departments for printing

Charging users and departments

Printing costs money, so it’s desirable in some situations to charge for prints, or at least keep users or departments accountable.

One of the easiest ways you can achieve this is by establishing quotas and accounts balances at user or departmental level, with rules that can prevent printing if the quota is met.

This feature is particularly important for schools and universities who need to recover the costs of student printing and copying. Students can be provided with a monthly quota of ‘free printing’ with additional usage being topped up using their institutions contactless payment cards, via a payment gateway like PayPal or by using cash.

Each printer can be assigned multiple price structures, allowing the tracking of charges to the user as well as internal printing costs.

Printing cost recovery and budgeting

Cost recovery and budgeting

Cost recovery at user, departments, client or job code level

Every penny counts and the more accurately you can track printing and copying the more effective your budgeting or client billing will be.

Every time a user authenticates at a device their activity is tracked. If they belong to department then their activity is added to that of the others in that department. But what if the print jobs relates to a specific activity? This is where client and job codes come in.

Client and job codes are particularly relevant to solicitors and architects who bill back their clients for any resources used. Codes can be added at the point of print, copy, fax or scan and their costs calculated in customized reports for billing.

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