Print Management Software Benefits

  • Track output from all connected printers and multifunctional photocopiers
  • Generate the information you need to accurately charge-back all print and copy costs
  • Provide “follow me” printing that only releases documents for output afters users authenticate at the device
  • Let users print from one location and then pick them up at another
  • Discourage waste and colour printing abuse by enforcing rules for output

Print Cost Saving and Waste Reduction

This all happens under your nose, and no amount of user education seems to help. With rules and routing, each print job can be sent to the most cost effective and productive device that you’ve invested in, based up: colour, number of pages, simplex and duplex or even the application being used.

Print Cost Saving Alert Pop Up

Prompt users to print to more cost effective devices:

Pop-ups encourage responsible printing by offering alternative ways to print

Printer Least Cost Routing

Force prints to the most cost effective printers:

For some printing environments, tough love is the only solution

Application based rules and routing

Application based rules and routing Stop Unnecessary Colour Printing and Save Paper:

Application based rules and routing helps you dictate more sensible and cost effective printing

Waste Printing Reduction

Security isn’t the only benefit of secure print queues:

Say goodbye to uncollected prints, duplicated prints and prints sent by mistake

Print Reporting & Optimisation

But print statistics can help you do much more than monitor. Either with guidance of your account manager, or on your own, you can identify printing trends, hotspots and dead-zones that are influencing spend, causing bottlenecks or offering poor return on investment. By regularly reviewing your reports you can optimise and enhance your print environment to lower costs and improve productivity.

Identify overworked and underused photocopiers and printers

Identify devices that are being over worked or underused:

With simple to understand charts it’s easy to manage your fleet effectively

Network printing reporting

Who is printing what, where and when?:

Reports to help you understand all individual, department and location printing

Print Cost Recovery & Accounting

Print Management software creates an accountable print environment, where users are informed of their printer usage. Being informed influences behaviour, and can help in reducing print volumes. Should you need to charge for printing, you can do that too, billing by user, department, account or client billing code.

Charging users and departments for printing

Charging users and departments:

Printing costs money, so it’s desirable in some situations to charge for prints, or at least keep users or departments accountable.

Printing cost recovery and budgeting

Cost recovery and budgeting:

Cost recovery at user, departments, client or job code level

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