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Print Management & Cost Saving

Isn’t it about time you were back in control of printing?

If you have any concerns about printing costs, security or sustainability, then Systems Technology’s range of Print Management software will help your organisation save money, become more secure and compliant, and reduce wastage.

There are many indicators that your organisation is ready to use Print Management software. Does your heart sink when you look at the paper recycling bin? If so, there are ways to effectively reduce print wastage and enhance productivity. Are you concerned about information security or privacy? If so, there are secure ways to authenticate and release documents. Do you cringe when you receive toner or copy cost invoices? If so, there are automated ways to reduce print spend and allocate costs to users, departments or clients.

Print Management Software Benefits

  • Track output from all connected printers and multifunctional photocopiers
  • Generate the information you need to accurately charge-back all print and copy costs
  • Provide “follow me” printing that only releases documents for output afters users authenticate at the device
  • Let users print from one location and then pick them up at another
  • Discourage waste and colour printing abuse by enforcing rules for output
Pint Security Follow Me Printing

Print Security Control & Convenience:

Secure print distribution that users love

Most of your users are familiar with authenticated themselves, for example: to access your building, log into their PC or to collect their voice-mail. Authentication provides control to guarantee security and this can be applied to your network printing too. Print Management software offers many methods of authentication that enable you to allow, limit, stop and track printed documents.

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Print Cost Saving and Waste Reduction

Print Cost Saving and Waste Reduction:

Rules and routing to control your printing

Every day your users print a significant number of documents, but not always in the most suitable or cost effective way. Documents that could have been printed in black & white are printed in colour. Single sheets are used when duplex printing would have been more cost efficient. Large print jobs are sent to expensive desktop printers instead of print rooms.

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Print Reporting and Optimisation

Print Reporting & Optimisation:

Finally the figures that you need

Great reporting helps you to track and assess your organisation’s current document production costs and where savings are, or could be, being achieved. You can view all device usage across your organisation, and access reports by user and department, all presented in easy to understand tables and charts.

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Print Cost Recovery and Accounting

Print Cost Recovery & Accounting:

Eliminate “free” network printing and pass on costs

Whether you provide printing as a facility to your employees, or as a service to your clients, printing has a cost and certainly isn’t “free”. Print Management software can limit and control print volumes and colour usage, where the aim isn’t to limit productivity but to promote more sustainable, efficient and accountable printing.

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