PDF Editing and Creation

PDF Editing & Creation

Ever wondered how to edit PDF files?

PDFs, they’re easy to read but difficult to edit, even if you want to do simple things like add or delete pages. But wouldn’t it be great if you could edit a PDF in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Or combine multiple pages from different PDF documents? Or even black out sensitive information?

We have a range of solutions that can help you do so much more with PDF documents. Simple and powerful PDF:

  • Conversion
  • Editing
  • Combining
  • Creation
  • Printing
Create PDF Files from your desktop

Create PDF Files from your Desktop:

Instantly create 100% industry-standard PDF files from any PC application that can print

PDF creation can seem a little daunting, but if you can print it, you can create a PDF. Quickly create fully compliant PDFs from Microsoft, Excel, PowerPoint and more – just by pressing ‘print.’ You can even carry over bookmarks and hyperlinks from your documents.

Create searchable PDF with OCR

Create searchable PDFs with OCR:

Search and retrieve your PDFs wherever they may be

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology automatically converts scanned, or even handwritten text, to computer-readable text – just like a Word document. This means you can search for keywords either from within a program or externally using Windows Search or Mac Finder, or through your document management system.

Convert PDF to Word, Powerpoint or Excel

Convert PDF documents to Word, Excel and PowerPoint – and back again:

Make PDFs editable by converting them to your favorite programs

You really have to see it to believe it. In one click, you can convert any PDF into a fully editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint document with layouts perfectly retained. Make your changes in the program you’re most familiar with then, if you wish, convert it back to a PDF format of your choice.

PDF Notes and Markups

Add virtual sticky notes and scribbles:

Draw attention to your PDFs with notes, shapes and markups

PDF is slowly replacing paper, but they still lack the instant ease of being able to write on them, like paper. With virtual stick notes and other markups, you and your colleagues can collaborate and shares ideas – all from within the PDF, just like working with paper.

PDF Redaction

Black-out sensitive information in your PDFs:

No need for Tip-ExTM with digital redaction

‘Redaction’ is the clever word for being able to black-out or erase sensitive text or images in a PDF document. It’s easy to remove confidential information in scanned documents or documents converted to PDF files. Extra security can be added with encryption and password protection.

Combine PDF Documents with Drag and Drop

Combine Documents with Drag and Drop:

Create the PDFs you need with simple splitting and combining with easy drag and drop

Bringing content together from different sources can take hours. Cutting, pasting, reordering and structuring content is incredibly time consuming and complicated; often leading to mistakes.

With document preparation software from Systems Technology, it couldn’t be easier. Simply drag and drop the files into one editable document, and you’re ready to add page numbers and content pages, or go straight to print.

PDF WYSIWYG Imposition

Create booklets with WYSIWYG imposition:

No more guessing what your finished document will look like

Have you ever tried to print a booklet? Tricky, isn’t it? Print drivers have got better, but they’re still difficult to use. With WYSIWYG imposition, you get see what your finished document will look like before you’ve printed it. Preview options include booklet printing, stapling, hole-punching and folding. You’ll make fewer mistakes, waste less time and get your desired result first time.

PDF add contents chapters and page numbers

Add contents, chapters and page numbers to PDFs:

Turn a collection of PDFs into a useable and presentable document

It doesn’t sound that earth-shattering, but adding contents pages and page numbers to PDFs is normally…well, normally impossible. But by collating document into a single chapterised and numbered PDF, information can be searched and sent more easily.

PDF Bates Stamping

Stop Manually Bates Stamping:

Add Client, Matter and Sub Matter Billing Codes to PDFs

Manual bates stamping onto paper documents is very time consuming, inherently error prone and extremely expensive. But by converting paper to PDFs you can remove these problems.

With PDFs, you can digitally add headers and footers for client, matter and sub matter billing codes with consecutive bates numbering across successive documents, saving you time and effort.

Make PDFs smaller

Make PDFs even smaller:

Is your email attachment too large to send? No worries

Save space and avoid size restrictions when storing or sending your PDF documents. With PDF optimization, you can quickly shrink the document’s file size whilst maintaining good quality, helping to reduce the high costs of cloud storage and the frustrations of email size limits.

PDF Form Designer

Design Electronic Forms Quickly and Easily:

Create interactive PDF forms with the ease

If you’ve ever created a form in Word you’ll know how easy it, but also how difficult it is for users to fill them out. Any successful attempts to convert them to PDFs are usually frustrated by recipients not being able to complete them.

Our solution helps you to create fully interactive PDF forms that your recipients can easily fill out using sophisticated buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, list tools and text fields. And the best bit? They can do all this from within Adobe PDF Reader and save their results.

Convert forms to clickable fillable PDFs

No more completing forms by hand:

Easily convert static paper forms into clickable, fillable PDF forms

Filling in paper forms by hand can be very time consuming; there has to be a better way – fortunately there is. Our simple solution converts the fields in paper forms to clickable digital files that you can quickly and easily complete on screen. Check boxes can be checked, radio buttons clicked and text fields typed on – all automatically recognized without the need to draw text boxes or shapes.

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