Secure Mobile Printing

Secure Mobile Printing

Ensuring only your authenticated users can print securely from mobile

Given the large variety of mobile printing methods, like printing via email and Google Cloud Printing, questions about how secure these methods are, are often asked.

Security is core to any Mobile Enterprise Printing solution with secure logins, recognition of printing from different personal devices, secure print queues and secure print release, all providing the control and peace of mind you need.

Mobile Printing Network Security

Network Security

Mobile printing doesn’t mean less secure printing

All methods of enterprise mobile printing require a user to be registered on your existing user directory, such as Active Directory. Registered users can print jobs from wherever they are, either inside or outside the company network. Non-registered users or guest users may still print, but this can be subject to quotas and authorisation.

Multiple Identities Mobile Printing

Multiple Identities

Users with multiple devices can be administrated easily

If your users can now print from their mobile devices, how can you identify and allow printing when they send from a non-registered address? This is known as multiple identity management and it works very simply:

  1. Users sends print job from a non-registered ID or address
  2. The users receive an email with a link asking them to login into the enterprise mobile print interface, automatically adding their new ID to the account and authorising the job for print.

Accurate use of multiple identities ensures that the correct user is tracked and, if need be, charged for the print job.

Secure Mobile Print Queues

Secure Print Queues

Satisfy privacy concerns with privately released print jobs

If you’re printing from inside the office and able immediately to collect your documents, then document security isn’t so much of a problem. But what if you’re printing away from the office, where printed jobs could be picked up by anybody? This is where Secure Print Queues play a part.

Secure Print Queues hold all print jobs in a personal print queue, which remain there until released for print by the user. This not only helps keep documents private and away from prying eyes, but also reduces wastage as documents printed by mistake can be easily deleted.

Secure Print Release

Secure Print Release

A wide choice of network authentication methods

Your user’s print job is now waiting in their Secure Print Queue waiting to be released. But how do they do this? Well, there are quite a few methods depending upon whether they are remote or local, and depending upon how they currently authenticate in your organisation.

If your user is out of the office then remote print release can be done using an Enterprise Printing App or Web Upload Printing page, releasing the print job even if the user isn’t present at the device.

If your user is in the office then local print release at the device can be done in a multitude of ways, including via:

  • Mobile Phone App with QR Code Recognition
  • Username/Password
  • Proximity Card
  • Smart Card
  • Magnetic Swipe Card
  • Pin Number

Each job can only be released by the authorised user who submitted the original print job. Uncollected jobs can be automatically deleted after a set time e.g. 24 hours.

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