Mobile Guest Printing and Charging

Guest Printing & Charging

Public printing and charging for non-authenticated users

Whether you’re a business, educational establishment or in the hospitality industry, you’re probably already being asked whether it’s possible to allow guests to print from their mobile devices, and possibly to charge them.

With Enterprise Mobile Printing from Systems Technology, you can provide a seamless print service to guests. Complimentary controllable printing can grant visitors limited free printing or you can charge them by cost-per-page via card, cash or payment portal.

Guest Free Mobile Printing

Non chargeable or free printing

Complimentary and convenient printing for guests

Where charging isn’t important, Mobile Enterprise Printing allows for anonymous users to print to temporary guest accounts. Any user can simply email, upload, use an App or print via an internet print driver to the printers or secure print queue on the network. Importantly, they can do this without being logged onto the network.

This can either be completely open, allowing users to use any print features, or managed using quotas, only allowing a prescribed number of prints and options, such as enforced black & white or duplex printing, helping to keep control of costs whilst providing a convenient service.

Chargeable Mobile Printing

Charged printing

Recover your mobile printing costs

If you are looking to recover the cost of guest mobile document printing, there is a number of simple and cost effective solutions.

When a guest prints, a temporary account is created for them with a zero balance, therefore, their prints can’t be released until they have loaded money in or have a method of pre-payment.

Payment can be made in a variety of ways, including:

  • Payment portal on intranet e.g. PayPal or Squid
  • Cash payment machine
  • Stored value swipe card
  • Identification Cards inc: Magentic, HiTag, Micard, Mifare, Legic, HID and others

When the user authenticates at the device to release their print job from their secure print queue, the user is either prompted to make payment via a pre-paid method, such as stored value swipe card, or the amount is automatically deducted from their account.

Different pricing structures can be used for guests and internal users, making mobile enterprise printing a possible new revenue stream.

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