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Enabling your users to securely print from anywhere on any device

When it comes to mobile printing solutions, one size does not fit all. Each of your users can have a different and varying combination of requirements depending on what device they have, where they’re located at that time, what they need to print and to which printer.

With Enterprise Mobile Printing, we have a mode of printing for every scenario you can think of.

Apple Airprint for Enterprise

Apple AirPrint for Enterprise

All the benefits of Apple printing without the limitations

If you’re printing from an iPhone or iPad via Apple AirPrint then you’re normally limited to printers that are specifically AirPrint enabled. What’s more, printing is usually restricted to your local network Wi-Fi within a single subnet. This means that iPhone or iPad users are often limited to printing to their own office’s printers or not at all.

Our Apple AirPrint for Enterprise allows you to fully manage and allow your users to discover both AirPrint enabled and non AirPrint enabled printers, anywhere on your network. Being able to offer your Apple users access to business network printing from their iPhone or iPad with the simplicity of finding a home printer is a huge advantage.

Google Cloud Print for Enterprise

Google Cloud Print for Enterprise

Make any network printer accessible to your Google users

Cloud Print is Google’s service that lets people print to Cloud Print enabled printers from anywhere and from any device, including iPads and iPhones. And because its cloud based, users can print from both inside and outside the office network.

Our Google Cloud Print for Enterprise allows you to publish, deploy and fully manage your network printers for any Google account holder to use. This means you can make any printer accessible, not just ‘cloud enabled’ devices; making your existing fleet accessible from virtually all smart mobile devices.

Mobile Enterprise Printing Apps

Mobile Enterprise Printing Apps

You can do far more with mobile printing apps

There’s seemingly an app for everything these days and printing is no exception. While there are quite a few ways to print from your mobile to business network printers, Apps offer a familiar and easy way to perform complex print functions e.g. duplex, scaling and stapling.

Our Enterprise Mobile Printing Apps provide the additional layers of functionality that IT departments demand that can’t be found on regular mobile printing apps.

Most notably, Mobile Enterprise Printing apps can be used securely via cellular (3G/4G) as well as Wi-Fi, with solutions based around both cloud and client/server models. Users can view their personal print queues and manage them, including deleting and securely releasing their prints to a device of their choice and manage their balance.

Users can locate and identify which printer to release their job to in a number of ways. They can search by location, name or printer code from within the app. Or, for ultimate ease of use, a QR code on the printer may be scanned to identify the device.

Printing via Email

Printing via Email

Simple and intuitive mobile printing

Perhaps the simplest method of Enterprise Mobile Printing is printing to your printers via email. More accurately, this involves emailing the document you want to print as an attachment, either to a specific device or a personal secure print queue for secure release via a unique email address e.g.

Removing the need for print drivers, apps or printing protocols means that your users can print from pretty much any device, so long as they can email.

But what about printing options? While operating system print queue defaults are used, it is possible to set up multiple named print queues with different options, such as “duplex”, “colour”, “mono” or “A3”.

Web Upload Printing

Web Upload Printing

Easy yet powerful mobile printing from any device

Web upload allows users to print by uploading their documents from any web browser. Because it’s driverless, no software or installation is needed, providing a simple way for netbook and laptop users to print.

Using an easy to follow printer wizard, your users and guests can authenticate, upload their print job, and choose printers or finishing options, all by visiting a web address. For convenience, their jobs can be released immediately or later via secure print release at the device.

Our web upload printing is one of the easiest methods of Mobile Enterprise Printing to implement and has one of the shortest learning curves for users – made even easier by customizable text areas and floor plans showing your network printer locations.

Internet Printer Driver

Internet Printer Driver

The printer driver that can print from outside your network

We’re all familiar with using print drivers, the simple act of pressing “CTRL P” in Windows, selecting our options and hitting print. But for mobile laptop users without remote access or a VPN connection, this doesn’t work. Using an Internet Printer Driver changes this.

Our Internet Printer Drivers can be easily installed by users, or guests, by running an installer file that has been pre-configured by you. Once installed, your users can select ‘print’ from within their normal programs and choose from a list of available printers.

Compared to the other methods of mobile printing from laptops, such as via email upload and web upload printing, using an Internet Printer Driver provides users with a recognisable interface that they’re immediately comfortable using.

  • print from any Windows application using standard File>Print methods
  • print from Windows laptops and desktops
  • search for and print to any enabled printers
  • print to printers on different networks or remote printers within an Enterprise or external sites
  • user authentication

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