Document Workflow

What is Document Workflow?

Document workflow is the journey of documents between people or groups of people.

Business processes typically involve such distribution with different persons responsible for creating, updating, reviewing and approving documents.

The problems with paper-based workflows

In most organisations today, paper-based information is maintained independently from the electronic workflow and is, therefore, subject to numerous problems. Paper based information:

  • Is hard to locate
  • Is easily lost or misplaced
  • Is expensive to distribute
  • Is hard to protect
  • Is difficult to link to other electronic content
  • Is inflexible

Paper-based workflows, even for the smallest organisations, are inherently inefficient and prone to failure. Businesses are increasingly turning toward scanning solutions to bring paper into electronic workflows and solve these problems. Once in an electronic form, documents can be located and shared easily, backed-up and integrated with other systems.

How a document workflow helps

An electronic document workflow can automate the flow of information in your organisation to eliminate the errors, interruptions and duplications of your manual paper-based workflows. By identifying business steps that are definable and repeatable the time taken complete each step can be reduced, reducing the overall document cycle time and reducing errors.

Document workflows allow you quickly to define, create, and manage automated business processes where tasks and work procedures are repeatable. If a task is repeatable and can be defined then, it can be created and managed as part of an automatic document workflow.

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Bring together related documents
  • Automate the approval process
  • Stop lost documents
  • Improve customer service by quickly locating documents and the stage they’re at
  • Reduce staff paper processing costs
  • Improve efficiency in managing and tracking paper based workflow
  • Reduce the time and cost of moving paper between offices
  • Meet compliance requirements for audit or security

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