Workflow Steps

1. Workflow Steps

All workflows consist of a series of logical steps, where each step is a decision, process or task that needs to happen. Using a flowchart can be a helpful way to visualise the process and to design and implement the workflow. We can help guide you through this process.

Individual and group workflows

Individual and group workflows

If you think about your organisation, there are individuals who perform certain tasks, and departments or teams where anyone can perform a task. Workflows can reflect this by allocating tasks to individuals or groups, where any member of that group can complete the task.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

It is possible for certain steps to be fully automated, removing the need for an operator’s involvement and freeing them up for other tasks. Zonal OCR is used with specific documents to recognise a variable’s value (e.g. an amount of money) and rules to determine the next step. A good example is purchase approval: a purchase request below a set amount of money can be automatically progressed for order, anything above this amount can be forwarded for a manger’s approval.

Workflow Serial and Parallel Tasks

Serial and Parallel Tasks

In most workflows the tasks are assigned one-by-one in a logical order and participants are given an amount of time to complete their task – these are known as serial tasks. But sometimes tasks need to be assigned to all participants at once with one due date for all – these are known as parallel tasks. Using serial and parallel tasks gives you the flexibility to get tasks done faster.

Workflow Delegation Options

Delegation Options

Where suitable, workflows can be designed by the Workflow Manager to allow participants to delegate their task to another person. This flexibility allows authorised employees with spare capacity to perform tasks that would otherwise become bottlenecked in the process.

Workflow Document and Objects

Add documents and objects

As a workflow progresses through its stages, participants can add documents and digital files to support the desired outcome. For example, this could be an audio file of a customer complaint or a photograph of damaged product, helping to resolve the task in hand far more quickly.

Workflow Document Matching

Document Matching

Manual processes that require documents to be matched up can be automated using document workflows. For example, invoice and purchase orders can be matched using the PO number and forwarded to the accounts team for approval.

Document Workflow Quality Control Checkpoints

Quality Control Checkpoints

Just like a paper-based workflow, managers of workflows can review a defined sample of processed documents for quality control purposes. This is particularly important for new staff or reviews of experienced staff for quality assurance.

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