Notifications and Approval

2. Notifications and Approval

Your workflow has been designed and there are documents on the move. But what happens if a person is away, or if there is an unexpected document type, and what about approval?

Workflow Managers maintain their workflows using a suite of automated tools for notifications, approval, workflow escalation and exception handling. Your documents should always flow without interruption.

Document Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager

This is the person that is alerted if tasks aren’t actioned or completed on time. They can send automated reminders, increase the deadlines or allocate the task to a different user.

Document Workflow Manager


Users can receive an email, pop up, or both, notifying them of the required actions for their step. Notifications can be sent immediately or at a pre-set number of days, or hours, before the task is due.

Document Workflow Conditional Steps

Conditional Steps

Conditional steps require certain conditions to be met before allowing the process to continue. For example, an invoice may require the approval of both the manager and director before being progressed to the accounts department.

Document Workflow Signatures


Even though the process a travelling through the authorisation stage is usually sufficient, sometimes a visual representation of authorisation is needed. Documents can be signed using a saved image of a handwritten signature, a digital stamp (e.g. APPROVED), or the typed name of the person who gave the authorisation.

Document Workflow Approval


When a document requires approval it can be assigned to either an individual or group using serial or parallel tasks. The participants can typically approve or reject the document and provide notes to support their decision. If authorised, they may reassign the task to an authorised person or group, or request a change to the workflow.

Document Workflow Exception Handling

Exception Handling

While most well designed workflows run smoothly, there are exceptions. The cause of these exceptions could be a deadline being overrun, a new document type or perhaps a resource that isn’t available. Exception Handling gives participants the options to automatically or manually flag and action documents that would otherwise stall or get lost in a paper-based workflow.

Document Workflow Escalation

Workflow Escalation

If each person performs their task then a workflow is successful, but what if a person is unexpectedly ill or away? Workflow Escalation rules can handle these situations. For example, if John doesn’t review a document within two days then escalate it to his manager. Tasks not performed within the allotted time will be notified to the workflow manager.

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