Compliance, Security and Audtiting

3. Compliance, Security and Audtiting

With the prospect of important documents flowing electronically around your business, how can you reassure others about security concerns?

With compliance and auditing being key considerations for most businesses, it’s comforting to know that Document Workflow software enhances security. From requiring authentication at the point of scan, to role based permissions and versioning, there’s a full audit trail for every document throughout its life.

Document Workflow Versioning Audit History

Auditing Trails & Version History

All participants’ workflow steps are tracked in the version history. Each time they create, update, review or approve a document, or task, their activity is logged. Granular information including the time and date of the interactions ensures compliance with data regulations.

Document Workflow Permissions


When designing a document workflow process the Workflow Manager decides who receives a document and what they may do with it. For example, they may be able to Read the document, but not Edit it. Permissions ensure the security of your documents as they travel through your business.

Secure Print Release


Scanning takes a paper document and converts it into a digital file that can enter the workflow via a multifunctional photocopier, desktop scanner, touch screen scan stations or desktop PC. To prevent unauthorised access at the start, or any stage, users can be required to authenticate with their network ID.

Document Workflow Role Based Security

Role Based Security

Role based security ensures that an important process can only be moved to the next stage by an authorised person. For example, in a contract approval process only the user that has been marked as the owner can approve the document. Permission control is easily configured for individual users, user groups or user roles. For example, a manager or supervisor.

Document Workflow Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures

If compliance dictates it, digital signatures can be made necessary in order to progress the workflow to the next stage.

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