Read our 4 step guide to Document Workflow

Document workflows can be easily created and customised to meet the needs of your specific business process.

You can quickly create, manage and reuse document workflows with sophisticated steps and notification and approval processes, all of which are securely managed by you.

Workflow Steps

1. Workflow Steps:

All workflows consist of a series of logical steps, where each step is a decision, process or task that needs to happen. Using a flowchart can be a helpful way to visualise the process and to design and implement the workflow. We can help guide you through this process.

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Notifications and Approval

2. Notifications and Approval:

Your workflow has been designed and there are documents on the move. But what happens if a person is away, or if there is an unexpected document type, and what about approval?

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Compliance, Security and Audtiting

3. Compliance, Security and Audtiting:

With the prospect of important documents flowing electronically around your business, how can you reassure others about security concerns?

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Compliance, Security and Audtiting

4. Integration and Backup:

A document workflow is the journey of your document from the start to the finish. The start typically involves scanning a paper document and converting it into a digital file, but what happens to that file at the finish?

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