Scanning Security & Compliance

Scanning Security & Compliance

Control and report with secure and authenticated scanning

Scanning solutions will help you to better productivity by improving distribution and automating existing processes. But with so many devices, destinations, and processes, what are the risks of your information getting into the wrong hands?

Apart from making commercial sense to ensure that your information is secure, standards such as ISO 9001 exist to protect information from access by unauthorised parties, which requires you to be in compliance.  We can help you protect your scanned data.

Secure Print Release

Device Access & Authentication

Control who scan and to where

To prevent unauthorised usage of scanning devices, our scanning solutions can require users to identify themselves. Users can authenticate using a wide variety of identification methods, including:

  • Proximity card
  • Magnetic card
  • PIN code
  • Username/Password

Access can be fully open or limited to selected scanning destinations or processes on an individual or departmental basis, making it easy to administrate and control who can scan what, to where.

Scanning Reporting Audit Trails

Audit Trails & Compliance

Keep track of what has been scanned, to where and by whom

From broad statue and standards such as The Data Protection Act and ISO 9001 to industry specific standards, organisations are required to comply with strict rules relating to paper and electronic documents or risk action. Automatic auditing tracks who is sending what, to help you to meet your compliance targets.

Each time a user is authenticated at a device their activity is logged, creating an audit trail containing detailed job information such as the time, date, destination of the scan and who sent it. Advanced auditing can even store a copy of the document that has been captured, which can be invaluable for those wishing to meet the strictest levels of compliance.

PDF Redaction

Document Encryption and Redaction

Keeping your sensitive documents private

Your paper documents can benefit from an additional layer of security by being encrypted. Encrypted PDFs are intended for the secure transfer of sensitive documents because they can only be accessed with a password. Permissions for editing and printing can be specified, including whether text and images can be copied.

But what if you wish to share a document, and only hide a portion of it? This could be a price or perhaps some personal information. In this case, redaction can be used. Redaction is the act of hiding or deleting sensitive information, including text, image and even hidden meta data. You can share a document with confidence without the need for password protection.

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