Scanning Processes and Workflows

Scanning Processes and Workflows

Situations where scanning can help save you time and money

In a world where everything seems to be rapidly going digital, it’s perhaps odd that paper documents still remain. But paper is here to stay because it’s so versatile, tactile and recyclable. It’s perhaps one of the greatest data communication tools of all time. But for data to be really useful, it needs to be digital.

Scanning turns paper documents into digital files that can be converted, extracted, shared and stored. There are lots of everyday processes and workflows that can be dramatically transformed using scanning solutions from Systems Technology, including Mail Room Scanning and Distribution, Automated Forms Processing, Document Management, and Automated Invoice Processing.

Mail Room Scanning and Distribution

Mail Room Scanning and Distribution

From your mailroom to their inbox in seconds

Whether you have a dedicated mailroom handling it or just one person, incoming mail distribution takes up a large proportion of office time that could be used more productively. Distributing mail is slow, particularly to remote and mobile employees, and confidential documents are inherently vulnerable to being seen if left unattended in pigeonholes or in-trays.

Using a Mail Room Scanning solution can save your organisation an enormous amount time by scanning and converting your incoming mail to PDFs, which can be securely emailed directly to their intended recipients. Scanning and emailing takes just seconds and utilizing barcode destination pages to separate mail batches makes scanning to large numbers of people quick and easy.

Automated Forms Processing

Automated Forms Processing

Capture, extract and input forms automatically

It’s highly likely that you’re already using paper forms in your organisation to capture important information, for example, in applications forms, contracts or surveys. But how are you currently extracting this information and entering it into your databases? If it’s manual, then did you know you can automate this instead?

Using Automatic Forms Processing the data from your scanned forms is automatically extracted and converted to a format for you to use (e.g. ANSI, XML, CSV and PDF). A selection of recognition technologies accurately extract the different fields:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extracts typed text.
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) extracts handwritten text.
  • Optical Mark Recognition extracts check box, tick box and other marked fields.

Only those characters which have not passed the ‘threshold of confidence’ will need to be check by the operator; otherwise the process is fully automated and highly accurate saving you a significant amount of time.

Document Management

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Automated Invoice Processing

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Document Workflow

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