Scanning Devices for Document Capture

Scanning Devices for Document Capture

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There are lots of options when choosing a document scanner; more than you might think. There are the physical scanning requirements. Are you scanning flat sheets, bound documents or perhaps antique books. Is your document single of double sided? A3 or larger, A4 or smaller? And what volume of scanning will you be doing?

You need to also consider how frequently the scanner will be used, by how many people and whether they required authorisation. Will they need to add additional information, such as index fields, at the point of scan? Do they need to send to multiple destinations or just to one? We’re here to help guide you through all these questions.

Multifunctional Photocopiers for Scanning

Multifunctional Photocopiers

Multifunctional photocopiers offer excellent functions for every day ad hoc scanning. Using their touch screen interfaces you can choose your required scanning options, and on some models preview the scans with basic editing to help ensure your scan is correct. Another great benefit of MFP’s scanners is that they can have both a flatbed for scanning bound documents and an automatic document feeder for multiple single sheet documents. As an all-round solution, multifunctional photocopiers are suitable for most scanning needs.

Desktop Scanners

Desktop Scanners

Flatbed scanner

Flatbed scanners:

If you need to capture bound or fragile documents then you’ll want a flatbed scanner. High performance flatbed scanners are typically used when scanning large volumes of journals or books, which would otherwise cause bottlenecks if using a multifunctional photocopier’s scanning function. With scanning resolutions up to 1200dpi, they’re also particularly suited where high definition imaging is needed, such as scanning maps or photographs.

Departmental scanner

Departmental scanners:

If large amounts of A4 document need to be scanned on a daily basis then robust departmental scanners offer the reliability you’ll need. Ideal for OCR processing they’re also designed to provide super-reliable feeding and separation of various types of media, from thin to thick sheets. Users will be thankful for the unique separation retry features allowing the scanners to automatically re-feed documents if a double feed is detected.  They are ideal for scanning to accounts software, automatic invoice processing and mailroom scanning.

Production scanner

Production scanners:

Production scanners are your best choice for digital archiving A4/A3 sheet documents, in large mailroom scanning operations and specialist projects that require significant volumes of scanning. If time saving is a priority then advanced inbuilt functions such as image deskew and text enhancement, which are performed automatically at the point of scan, are a large benefit.  Sophisticated paper feed systems, including active torque control, double feed retry and paper dust blowers, all aid high speed and jam free scanning.

Touch Screen Scan Stations

Touch Screen Scan Stations

Walk up, touch and scan simplicity

Introducing concepts such as scanning to file structure, cloud storage or document management system scanning can be a little daunting for basic users. The solution is touch screen scan stations. Attached either to an MFP or a desktop scanner, your users can perform a huge number of predesigned complex scanning operations, all from the LCD touch screen.

Scan Stations are accompanied by full sized keyboards that allow you to quickly enter information like metadata and file names at the device. This one step process is perfect for regular Ad Hoc scanning to email, scanning to CRM systems and scanning to SIMS.

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