Scanning Destinations

Scanning Destinations

Send, store and process captured documents to strengthen your business

Introducing scanning to your organisation opens up a world of possibilities. You’ll soon begin to realise that many of your current activities can be sped up, or it may help you step towards a more comprehensive process. For example, people tend to start off with scanning to network folders, and step up to document management systems, within a short amount of time.

At Systems Technology, we can help you to securely scan your documents to a multitude of destinations, including: document management and CRM systems, accountancy and academic software, to email, folder, usb drive, mailbox and mobile. We’re here to guide you ever step of the way.

Scan to Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Mini document management systems in the sky

If you’re already using Cloud Storage, you’ll be familiar with the convenience of being able to retrieve your files from virtually anywhere. Services such as DropBox and Google Drive can be easily accessed from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet for quick file viewing, sharing and printed. While it’s easy to upload digital files, being able scan has been a struggle for many – up until now.

With our latest scanning solutions, you’re able to scan and upload files to all the major cloud storage services, right from your Multifunctional Photocopier or Touch Screen Scan Station. Cloud storage can conceivably be used for basic document management and sharing functions.

Document Workflows into Document Management Systems

Document Management System

Professionally scan, store and retrieve your documents

If you’re already using or thinking of investing in a Document Management System, you’ll know that scanning and archiving paper documents are the main purpose. These systems enable you to capture securely, file and retrieve your paper documents from both inside and outside the office. But how do you actually scan into these systems?

We have a range of scanning options including using Multifunctional Photocopiers, Desktop Scanners and dedicated Touchscreen Scan Stations that can all utilise advanced software features such as OCR, Zonal OCR and Barcode Recognition to capture and index your documents.

  • SharePoint
  • DocuShare
  • FileHound
  • eDocs
  • Documentum
  • HP WorkSite
  • FileHound
  • LaserFiche
  • Therefore
  • INVU

Scan to Email

Scan to Email

Stop faxing and start scanning to email

It’s most likely that your organisation is already scanning to email. But if not, what’s been keeping you? Scanning to email has pretty much replaced faxes these days because unlike faxing you can send full colour documents directly to your recipient: quickly, cheaply and most of all securely.

Document Workflow into CRM Systems

CRM System Scanning

Scanning to and Sage ACT!

If your business is already using or Sage ACT! you’ll be familiar with how these CRM systems retain your customers’ contact details, notes and history of interactions between your company representatives and your customers to help your business succeed.

While it’s possible to upload electronic documents easily to the company or individual records, vital missing information remains trapped on paper – in the form of customer invoices, quotes, PODs and other customer-related documents.

You can capture and store this missing information from either a Multifunctional Photocopier or Touch Screen Scan Station and store it in the company or individual record as a PDF or image file. In ACT! you may even assign activities such as “Call,” “Meeting,” or “To Do,” for either yourself of others to act upon. You teams will have all the information they need, right at their fingertips.

Document Workflows into Accountancy Software

Accounts Software Scanning

Scanning to Sage Accounts 50

If there’s one thing that surely slows accounts departments down its looking for documents. Orders, invoices and delivery notes may all need to be checked in order to process payment. Wouldn’t it be easier if they could be stored in Sage, ready to be clicked and opened when you need them? We can help you do just this.

It’s possible to digitise all your incoming paper documents and automatically import them into Sage Line 50, directly from a multifunctional photocopier, desktop scanner or touch screen scan station. Time saving zonal OCR and barcode sheets can be used to recognise automatically and match up documents to records based upon identifiers such as account number.

Scanning to CAPITA SIMS

Academic Software Scanning

Scanning to Capita SIMS

SIMS MIS by Capita is designed for primary and secondary schools and academies to be able to manage all staff and student information, everything from attendance records to academic work. While the benefits of centralising students’ information is undeniable, the process of uploading individual documents to student’s records can be very time consuming.

Using a multifunctional photocopier or touch screen scan station you can scan and digitise hardcopy records directly to SIMS for the central storage and easy retrieval of student and staff information. The easy to understanding process requires little or no training and dramatically improves administration efficiency and free up staff time.

Scan to Folder

Scan to Folder

Simple Document Archiving

Scanning and converting documents to PDF are a great way to reduce your paper storage. But if you’re not ready to invest in a dedicated Document Management System, what’s the alternative?

Scanning to folder is a simple way to begin digitising your paper records. Using either a multifunctional photocopier or dedicated touchscreen scan station you can select any shared folder on your network that you’ve been given rights to, name your file and save it as PDF or Jpeg.

Scan to USB Memory Key

USB Drive

Scans you can pocket and take with you

For those on the go and particularly where security is an issue, scanning to USB drive or memory key is a great way to ensure that only you have portable and physical access to your documents.  Using a multifunctional photocopier you can quickly turn your paper documents into PDFs and JPGs and save them. Access to this functionality is fully controllable by the administrator.

Scan to Mailbox

Scan to MailBox

Store and reproduce your popular documents at your copier

If you have documents that you need to print or copy frequently then the MailBox function on multifunctional photocopiers is the solution. Users simply scan and store their documents, such as price lists or forms, into their secure individual or shared Mailbox. When they’re ready to print them, the users access the desired MailBox, selects their stored document, required quantity and finishing. The process is quick and easy.

Scan to Mobile

Scan to Mobile

Mobile Apps to Scan to your Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone can become just as productive as your desktop PC with mobile scanning apps. Available for both Apple and Android, you can scan from a Ricoh or Canon multifunctional photocopier to your smart phone and easily share or upload your files to a cloud storage service. With fast and secure device discovery over WiFi, your authenticated mobile users can scan and go!

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